Stuff I Got for My Birthday

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Last year, I didn’t celebrate my birthday on the exact date because we had a thing planned the week after. We were supposed to make the drive to the city and the lockdown happened. I was unable to celebrate my birthday and I felt so bad about it while in quarantine.

Granted, I didn’t know that we’d be on lockdown for what looks like a year now. These days, the lockdown has eased but the state of things isn’t normal, I guess.

This is why I decided to celebrate my birthday with a small pile of goodies. No one knows when the pandemic ends so I might as well get the stuff I like while I still can. You know how I love that my birthday comes in three 3’s so I opted to gift myself three things:

A New Bag

I won’t reveal just yet but hellz yeah, I got me a new designer bag! Can you guess what it is? I can’t reveal yet because it’s still being shipped but once I get it, I’ll do a reveal!

Instax Mini Link Printer

This is one purchase that I was super excited about. My husband was supposed to get me this last year but the pandemic happened and it was hard to get products online. I finally got my hand on it and I got the one in the limited edition color Beige and Gold. This printer is so good, you guys!

Essentially, this printer prints images from your mobile phone. If you’re a fan of Fujifilm’s Instax line, you know how wasteful it can be to depend on the Instax camera alone. And at PHP300+ for a pack of 10 pcs, the Instax films are very, very pricey. With this printer, you’re no longer wasting the film!


Alone, the unit costs about PHP6K+++ but there are bundles on Shoppee and Lazada. I got mine through Shoppee just because they ship faster than Lazada (a consistent experience ha). I bought the bundle, which cost a little over PHP7K. I got the one with the photo album, border stickers, 20 pcs. pack Instax film, marker, and the case.

In hindsight, I wish I just bought the unit with the case but the color was not available in that bundle and I really don’t want to get the pink or white one. I also bought 3 packs of 20 pcs films + more photo albums to complement the printer.

Setting up is so easy but you gotta get the Instax app first. I plowed through 3 packs of films in under an hour guys. Should I do a review?

A Diana Ring

Yes, I finally got my very own “Diana” ring — essentially a sapphire ring with a halo of small diamonds. I’ve had this done in rose gold to complete the vintage look that I was going for. Love it!

So yes, there you go, the 3 pressies that I got for myself for my 38th birthday. So far, things are going great, how about you? How’s your 2021 so far?

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