Things You Need in Your Life: The Origins Moisturizing Musts

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So I was in the city last weekend (which turned out to be an interesting trip indeed) and I took that opportunity to get more of the skin care products I use on the daily.

The first stop was in Beauty Bar Galleria for the retinol-based serum that I love. And then it was off to Mega Mall my love for the Origins Make a Difference+ Rejuvenating treatment. You know how much I love the line! Unlike the night cream (review here), the rejuvenating treatment is not heavy at all. I loved the night cream to bits and though it absorbs easily, I still prefer the gel moisturizer simply because there’s no stickiness on the skin.

Photo 21-07-2016, 6 33 07 PM

Anyhoo, when I got there, the SA said the rejuvenating treatment is out of stock. I had to ask why and the SA said more people prefer its light, gel-like texture over the day cream.

I was so disappointed because I traveled very far to replenish my skin care products. I asked the SA if there’s absolutely no way of getting that specific treatment because I’m not leaving without it and he said there’s a sampler set available with a full pot of the moisturizer and I decided to get it. Boy, was I glad! The set is so nice because the samples are huge!

Photo 21-07-2016, 6 31 47 PM

Don’t be fooled by the tiny box, it packs a lot of products from the Make a Difference line! If you are a fan, this is a great thing to get and if you’re curious about the line, this is an excellent sampler set to try!

Photo 21-07-2016, 6 33 48 PM

The set comes with, of course, the star product, a full-sized pot of rejuvenating treatment (50ML) as well as the treatment lotion (50 ML, a toner of sorts), a large tube of the line’s cleansing milk (also 50ML) and a teeny tiny tube of the serum (15ML).

Photo 21-07-2016, 6 32 22 PM

The whole set cost about PhP3000+, which means I only paid PhP500 more for this set rather than a pot of the regular sized rejuvenating treatment. If you have very dry skin, this line is for you! I’ve been using the rejuvenating treatment since January and I can’t believe I haven’t reviewed it yet so watch this space 😀


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