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Imagine my delight when I discovered that the local Sensou Nature Source in Galleria is now carrying Oil of Argan‘s Argan oil (redundant but it’s the brand’s name!) This particular brand of argan oil has been on my radar for months and the only reason I wasn’t ordering it was because I was too lazy to place an order online. I know it sounds weird but I don’t want to wait two days to get my grubby paws all over the oil. So needless to say, I spent most of my time lurking from their instagram page.

Right, I was in the mall yesterday because my boyfriend’s office mates summoned me for a surprise birthday party of sorts. So I came there and spent the rest of the evening checking out Beauty Bar and The Body Shop, looking for a nice serum or face oil to augment my nighttime skin care regimen. The weather here in PH has been mildly chilly so my skin has been feeling tight especially around the mouth area.


I wasn’t really planning on buying different face oils but I snagged a bottle of Human Nature’s Sunflower Beauty oil while searching in vain for my kid bros’ Betty Crocker Mac n’ Cheese. I thought this beauty oil will be a great one to ease myself into the whole oil-on-yo-face trend.

Then it was off to The Body Shop where the beauty oils are also on sale! I was on the verge of getting the Moringa variant but decided to wait it out until I research more about the results it yields.

beauty oil

THEN, I went to the Beauty Bar and came across one of the newest Korean beauty brands to hit PH, Yadah. I almost, almost bought their Collagen Ampoule serum because it was reasonably priced and it felt so refreshing at the back of my hand. For the nth time that night, I passed up on it because I needed to check out reviews online first.


If there’s anything I learned from buying beauty and skin care brands recently, it’s that trust online reviews, particularly those from MakeUpAlley.com and Temptalia. com. From there, certain issues are raised which are not something you’d find once you do a general search on a specific product. That’s why I had to wait it out before I buy any of the other oils listed above.

As the boyf and I made our way home, I stopped by Sensou Nature Source which was near the mall’s exit because I’ve been on a face mask kick lately and I am searching for reasonable priced mud masks or face masks with nature-based ingredients. I discovered an amazing one at The Face Shop but that calls for a different post entirely. Anyway, as I casually asked the salesperson if they have tubs of mudpacks (they’ve got none), my eyes darted to a familiar brown bottle and I almost shrieked in surprise because the very argan oil that I wanted was apparently available in the local mall.

argan oil

Yeah. It gets better.

I bought two bottles at once because you don’t want to pass up the chance to get reasonably priced face oils when you see it. And I’ll be away in the province real soon so I have to make sure I got backup of this thing. I got home and I started poring over the details about the brand and the oil.

Not much is written about Oil of Argan as a brand but the same cannot be said about the argan oil. It’s one of those trendy face oils I kept hearing or reading about. I was meaning to pre-order the popular Josie Maran argan oil but I don’t think I would want to wait too damn long before it finally arrives here. Anyway, I did my research prior to buying the actual product so I know that I got the real thing right here.

The oil is heavier than I expected, to be honest. It’s not baby oil-thick but I only use about a pump of the oil to cover my whole face neck and decolletage. The rest of the oil that gets stuck on my palms, I rub ’em on the back of my hand to maintain its smooth, youthful appearance.  It does sink into the skin fast!

I swear, I felt a difference in my skin the first time I used it. I woke up to super soft, super smooth skin. It’s too early to tell if the oil will break me out so I can’t give an honest opinion on how mild it is on the skin. Overall, I am extremely glad I came across brand and I cannot wait to incorporate argan oil to my nighttime routine!

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