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Oh hey! Let’s talk about bags, shall we? I have tons of products to review, I swear but I am so busy all the time, I barely have time for myself. That’s parenthood for ya.

Anyhoo, I promised myself that my bag collection will be as diverse as possible. My aim was to get a timeless classic from each house and I stuck to that so far. I shied away from trendy pieces except for the Marmont (although I feel that the Marmont will become a Gucci classic at some point).

After YSL, I am setting my sights on Balenciaga. Honestly, almost nothing from the brand appeals to me. I don’t get the popularity of the City bags and I find most of the designs to be either tacky, trendy, or both. However, the Bazar shopping tote has been on my radar for quite some time now and though I dislike the more colorful models, I cannot get this particular colorway out of my head:

The Bazar Shopping tote made its debut during Balenciaga‚Äôs Spring 2017 collection. Many were taken aback by the design, which was inspired by Thailand’s ubiquitous sampeng market bag.

Most of the colorways are too loud for my taste but the blue and black combination, which has always been a favorite color combination of mine, is pretty wearable.

The bad news is, this particular colorway seems to be phased out na. I’m so devastated! I saw this bag being offered at a discount on one of the personal shoppers that I follow and I’m so sorry I didn’t pounce on it because I was busy obsessing about the Lou Lou! Not that I’m sorry about getting the Lou Lou, far from it (it’s one of my current faves) but I swear if I see another one like this being offered online, I’d totally get it, jujuju

If I’m lucky enough to get another bag this year or next year, it will be this one in XS. Small is too big even for me, I’m on a mini kick lately. What do you think of the bag? It’s so cute, no?


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