My Next Bag? Drooling Over These Beauties

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It’s March, which means it’s my birthday week 😀 If I’m being completely honest, I don’t feel like celebrating my birthday these days. This has been going on for like, four years now. I hate the summer season, which starts in March in the PH, and my birthday is sorta like a reminder of the hard months ahead. It’s petty I know but it’s been sweltering here in the tropics for some time now! Damn you, global warming!

Anyhoo, one of my recent acquisitions is a Fendi satchel (review here). I know it’s too early to think about what bag to get for next year’s birthday gift but it pays to plan ahead! I haven’t really decided what to get but I’m hoping for a smaller bag. Here are some of the bags I’ve been eyeing:

Prada Double Zip

I mentioned how I pined for this gorgeous bag. I love the crisp, classic lines, the luxurious design, and the commanding branding. I went to a local Prada boutique hoping to get a glimpse of the Nero in small but alas, it’s unavailable!

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All colorways were not available except for the white one, which to be honest, is a nope for me. If I’m getting this bag, I have no choice but to get it at Prada Solaire or pre-order one from my personal shopper. Le ugh, I wanted to get this myself straight from the boutique, huhuhu!

Gucci Ophidia

At first, I wasn’t a fan of this bag because the branding goes against my now-minimalist sensibilities but I do love the stunning design of the bag itself. It’s such an easy breezy bag! I can see myself wearing this with a white shirt and a pair of blue denim. Ah so clean and sleek!

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I also adore the vintage accents. I feel that I can hand this down to my grandkids and it’ll still be as stylish as the day I bought it. I have a strong feeling about this one. Unfortunately, this is also unavailable at my local Gucci. So fuck it, I have to order this online too.

Celine Box Bag

I’m not much of a Celine fan but I can appreciate the contemporary appeal of the Luggage bag (nano only!) and the sleek, vintage-y box bag. I’m usually into black bags but somehow, the design of the Celine box bag looks better in maroon or camel:

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I suppose these colorways enhance the vintage-y design of the bag! This bag reminds me of an old school Cartier bag, I love it. No idea where to get this locally because we don’t have a Celine boutique in the PH. I bet this is a pricey piece too because Celine bags are hella expensive. I don’t even know why. Still, I would save up for it if I could find a trusted source.

Goyard Belvedere

This has been on my radar for a while now. Goyard isn’t as popular as Gucci or LV here in PH but it’s everywhere in Japan and Hong Kong! The Goyard tote, which looks like the Neverfull, is the brand’s most recognizable bag but the style isn’t doing anything for me.

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I like the Belvedere more because it looks so understated and compact. I love satchels and I think this shoulder bag really captured the old-school elegance of the traditional English satchels. The only thing that’s making me reconsider this bag is the adjustable leather straps. Over time, the straps will wear out.

Gucci Marmont Matelassé 2.0 Top Handle Bag

Initially, I was drawn to the Marmont flap bag but I feel that the size is too small for the price. The Matelassé 2.0 top handle bag offers more room without the added cost.

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I like the functional style too! It has all the iconic features of the flap bag minus the ripped off Chanel flap bag design. I’m unsure how durable the smooth leather is but it’s quilted so hopefully, the material won’t attract scuffs and scratches.

Celine Luggage Tote in Nano

Initially, I wasn’t fond of the Luggage’s design but I’m seeing the nano more and more, it’s starting to grow on me! Unlike the Celine box bag, the Luggage nano can be sourced easily. I just need to find a trusted seller.

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The only thing that’s making me reconsider this bag is the atrocious price. What’s up with Celine and their expensive bags? I guess the leather’s that good? I want the nano in black pebbled leather or perhaps, in dreamy midnight blue!

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