My Vanity Table Setting

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Although I have been obsessing about makeup for a couple of years now, I never thought about improving my vanity setting until recently. It has been quite a ride for me and my small project took a lot of work but so far. Check out the before and after pic:

Photo 5-20-14, 12 23 39 PM                                                                                             Before

pic3                                                                                                After

I got the vanity table and the chair from my aunt. She started selling furniture recently and I was lucky enough to have easy access on key pieces for my vanity, and at cheaper prices too! I got rid of my old mirror and instead opted for a frilly, girly painting. I daresay, the overall effect is fabulous!


The crystal-like knobs are just lovely! Again, because my aunt owns a hardware store, I got easy access even on cool embellishments. Love the vintage-y aesthetics, suits the classic design of the vanity table!


I actually enjoyed the process of looking and piecing together different looks, finding which design fits and finally seeing everything come together. I wish it wasn’t as costly though! I tend to be too enthusiastic about buying key pieces so this project made quite a dent on my savings.


Now that my project is almost done, I’m moving to developing a mini-office right in the bedroom. I work from home and spend around 90% of my time in the bedroom even when working that’s why I figured I might as well invest on creating a decent-looking mini-office of my own. First, I am searching for super simple and small-ish computer tables.


The largest room in my new house is not as big as my old room that’s why I have to turn to sleeker, more streamlined designs to maximize the space. I’ve seen a lot of computer tables out there but the one above I loved the best. The size is perfect and the design is a mix of contemporary and classic. It’s fabulous!

I already commissioned my cousin to create that computer table for me (his business involves iron works). We will start the project soon and I just can’t wait! After the table is done, I will be moving on to stocking up on simple office items.

Funny, I just remembered a quote how you know you’re officially old when you start getting excited about furniture. Hahaha, man.






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