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It’s amazing how some people who have been living life like a hermit for the past several years are still able to find an amazing set of people to hang out with. Especially perennially grumpy ones with zero social skills like myself.

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Could it be? I have a new set of… barkada?

Take it from me, I don’t have a lot of friends and I don’t make friends easily particularly at this advanced age. My own damn fault, really. I don’t mix well with people because I don’t do small talks nor do I really put much effort discovering people and their quirks.

After a friend of my blew me off in the most awful way possible not too long ago, I’m done with quirks, man.

People fail me all the time it’s sorta hard to know which ones are true to you and which ones are just there to take advantage whenever possible, and the latter happened to me all the time so I pretty much stayed away from a select few, including one person I considered as my bestfriend just a few months back.

A good friend, means a lot to me. You know, those people who don’t come to you just because they need money, those that never blow you off at the very last minute, people that has a knack for being there only when it’s advantageous to them. I care not for these folks and I know a lot of them, unfortunately. A couple, I even considered as dear friends in the past but well, that’s another story.

To be fair, I don’t consider myself a good friend either. I’m mostly stuck in my own world and I don’t put much effort cultivating any relationships. I’m not the type of person who’d rush to a friend’s side, unless it’s a matter of life and death. I only did that once, to a friend who accidentally OD’d on Vs. And that’s another story too, hahaha!

However, and I say this quite happily and cautiously, I may have found a good group of people that aren’t just there for the drinks. I don’t want to jinx it but it feels nice to have friends. Okay enough dramz.

The boyfriend and I are revving up for Palawan this weekend and we’re both so exoiiiiiiiiitttteeeed, ahahahhahahha! I can’t wait to flood my Instagram and Facebook with tons of pictures!

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