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I was planning on buying MAC’s Pro Longwear concealer because when I swatched it in the past, I was impressed by its budge-proof formula.But when I started digging deeper and reading reviews, I found out that the packaging is kind of a bitch to work with. In a bid to debunk these claims, I headed to Rustan’s to check the damn pump. True enough, no matter how slow you try to press the pump, it will dispense a large amount of the product. I kid you not, I literally went there to see if I can make the thing work so I can buy it but no, the pump will dispense an equal amount of product whichever way you pump it. Unless you have so many acne marks to cover, you will not be able to maximize the product at all.


Another problem with the MAC Pro Longwear packaging is when that when the container is already halfway empty, it will stop dispensing the product. NYAAAA! And you can’t even open to scoop ’em out unless you have plans of breaking the glass container! So no matter how much I wanted this concealer, as it is one of the best I saw out there, the ill-thought out container just didn’t sit well by me and I had to pass. Le sigh.

Anyway, with a lot of money at stake (the MUFE Full Cover is a whopping HP1960), I searched online to find the right match for my NC30-NC35 skin and all signs pointed to number 7 or Sand. So, with my long-suffering boyfriend in tow, we headed to the nearest MUFE store (megamall, beybeh!) and I bit the bullet. I have been tickled pink ever since.


It’s nice that the lady who assisted me gave me a warning beforehand that the concealer will oxidize two tones darker than my skin tone so I should choose a lighter shade. Not that I don’t already know, I did my research 😉

I didn’t stay long to chit-chat with the ladies, it was sorta like a touch and go thing because the mall was about to close. I’m thinking of getting their body and face waterproof foundie next because I’m scheduled to a beach trip next month. Anyway, I have tried the concealer several times now and I can say it’s a pretty good concealer!

I love how pigmented it was, how effortless it was to blend on my skin and how creamy the consistency is. Unfortunately, it’s not as budge-proof as I thought. True, it performs better than my MAC Select Cover-Up Concealer, but around the chin area where I got a lot of blemishes, the concealer tends to fade away within a few hours, though not completely.

I think it has something to do with my habitual salumbaba pose, I tend to rest my chin on my hand every five seconds and I am accidentally wiping away all the makeup. But I make sure to set the concealer with powder to maintain longer staying power. So overall, I’m on the fence on this one. I paid a lot for a tiny tube of concealer and I suppose I am disappointed that I didn’t get the results I was expecting, especially with the hype all over the product.

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