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I’ve made it my mission to find the best concealer  I could get my grubby hands on. I was at SM Aura the other day for one thing, to buy their Aqua Brow because it’s the stuff of legends. But because the staff took their sweet time processing my order, I got around swatching the concealers (predictable, I know!).Let me tell ya, MUFE does not disappoint at all. The Full Cover Concealer won’t budge once it sets and it sets pretty quickly too. It’s creamy, emollient, super pigmented and it’s very light on the skin. It’s L-O-V-E! But I shall be reserving that review later on cuz I also got me the aqua brow and it’s fabulous!


The Aqua Brow is around Php1,300 and it’s a fantastic product. I used to just line my brows using my old Smashbox eyeshadows and for a while, I was happy with that. The thing works well but after two hours or less, the top of my brows would fade and I always need to retouch. So I was looking for a product that wears like iron yet looks totally natural. I could’ve gone to Benefit at Rustan’s since they are the self-proclaimed “Brow Expert” but I swore I’d never come back after that one advice. I’m weird like that. Plus, I’m not all that impressed with their brow pencil anyway.


For reference, I am NC35 on MAC, black haired with brown natural highlights. I asked for the color that’s one shade lighter than my hair and I got matched to number 15. From the tube, the thing looks a little light and I was kinda nervous about that so I told the girl of my concerns and she assured me that it’s the right color for me. I swatched the thing and it really does not budge unless you rub it really really really hard. Super impressed, from the looks of it, my days of retouching my brows in midday is ovah!


As usual, I tested it out as soon as I got home and lawrd, the color was juuust right. It made my brow look full and natural without making it seem too obvious that I’ve used something, if that makes sense. Be warned though, this thing will set quickly. As in, so quick, you will need to work per section of each brow. Just a tiny dot will do and add more as you go along. Avoid squeezing more than a tiny dot because I assure you, it will set on your hand faster than you can saw, holy brows!

Reshaped my brows here, BTW

It’s budge-proof when I swatched it but on my brows, there’s noticeable fading at the upper part of my brows after three to four hours which is fine because I seem to develop the habit of unconsciously touching my brows. Overall, I like this product though it clearly didn’t provide the kind of wear I expected.

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