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I pre-ordered the MAC x Rebecca Moses Illustrated Face Kit in brown last month via French Macaroons. Yes, my love for FM has been well-documented here 🙂 The pre-ordering site allows me to participate in highly-anticipated sales from any of the US’ biggest cosmetics stores and get access on great stuff that are not sold here in PH. One such product is the Illustrated Collection, a collaborative release between designer, Rebecca Moses and MAC. I did see that the local MAC counters already had this in circulation two weeks ago but I got mine 1K cheaper since I pre-ordered it.


It’s also worth nothing that this is the first time I got a MAC palette and the first time I tried any of the MAC eyeshadows. I’ve always been drawn to MAC’s foundation mainly because of the extensiveness of the color selection as well as the staying power, lipsticks, not really since I have no problems wearing drugstore lippies. But the foundations, concealers and the powders, I invest my money on. One thing I know about makeup is you have to have great skin or fake it. Faking is easier when you got quality products to work on, amirite?

Below is one look I did. The camera wasn’t able to fully capture the colors but in terms of formulation, I love the satin finishes best of all. They’re not too shimmery and they don’t look muddy when blended together. You know me, I love me some shimmers and the lovely gold satin is my favorite!


Since I already got both Smashbox and Urban Decay eyeshadows, I felt that I already got some of the best stuff out there, why bother. But you know what, the MAC eyeshadows, even though it came in a palette, is comparable to UD in terms of quality and pigmentation.

The blush is fabulous, I love how it complemented my skintone. It’s not powdery, blends nicely and offer great color payoff. It’s a nice shade too, I heard Melba is a favorite for women with light-medium skin tone like yours truly.

As for the lip colors, I’ve yet to test them out because I’m such a neat freak. I need something to cover the lipbrush after I apply the lipstick otherwise the brush will get dirty, lipstick everywhere, etc. Ew, right? So unless I find a decent cover for the lipbrush, I won’t touch the lipcolor.

Overall, I love this palette and I’m quite happy with the quality of the eyeshadow 😀 I’ve been dying to try other looks!

I promised myself that I’d buy at least one thing from any of the incoming collection from MAC. Not a lot of people know that I am a collector by heart. I have a compulsion to collect things I love, books, bags, shoes, watches, and now, eyeshadows or makeup. I am currently building my NARS blush collection and so far got two to start (Orgasm and Torrid). Wish me luck, hahahaha! The MAC Illustrated Face kit is the first of my MAC palette collection 😀

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