Lux Online PH: My Experience Ordering from an Online Seller

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I’d say being scammed by an online seller last year made me smarter in terms of buying anything over the net. Of course, there are times when switching sellers are inevitable because the seller might not have the right products. This was the case with Madel so I decided to give Lux Online PH a try.

My mother’s birthday is a month away but I decided to pick up a gift well in advance. If you must know, my mother is a fickle creature. When she hates a gift, she’ll never let you forget about it. She’ll go on and on about how the fit is wrong, how the details aren’t right, etc. But when she loves a gift, she will wear it for the rest of her days.

I’ve given up gifting her Kate Spade bags because she hated all the ones I chose for her. And because I pride myself on being a thoughtful gift giver, I fucking hate it when she doesn’t like my gift. It was exasperating to be honest because of the care I put into the details. That’s how serious I am about gifting my loved ones.

About 5 years ago, I started gifting her jewelry, earrings, specifically. They’re the only gifts that she genuinely liked. Since then, all the gifts she got, she loved and wore all the time. Now, I’ve been gifting her earrings for so long that I decided to give her a different kind of jewelry this year. I’m hoping she’ll like it.

Cable bracelets are my mom’s current jam so I decided to get her a Charriol Celtic Bourse bangle in pink rose (or rose gold, basically). It’s one of Charriol’s most iconic bracelet design and if you’re not familiar, this is what it looks like:

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It’s really nice, no? I could always get this at the Charriol Boutique at Rustans, mind you, but I haven’t been traveling to the city and have no plans to do it for a bracelet. Since the hubs and I don’t have plans of heading to the city anytime soon, there wasn’t an opportunity to shop around in person. That’s why I decided to buy the bracelet online.

Lux Online PH sells everything from brand new designer brands to jewelry and preloved items. The online store has a large following and the owner, Anne, is so nice. I was actually meaning to get a bag from her but the authenticators at PurseBlog forum hasn’t responded to my authentication pics so I’ve held off on that. I got a bracelet instead.

Of course, I was expecting the worst because it’s the first time I’m buying from this shop. Also, I paid cash via PayPal so I wasn’t sure if I could get my money back in case I get a fake… or worse, got scammed. That being said, the shop has a perfect 5 rating on its FB page. Lux Online PH’s FB Page has a lot of reviews from real customers. The owner, Anne, was also commended for being trustworthy and patient. I can say the same thing.

This bangle retails for USD150 in the US and in the PH I think this is PhP12,000 tax included. I’m not really sure how much this is in the PH but I will go to a Charriol Boutique sometime soon to have this authenticated.

From what I gathered, this bangle was bought at a local Duty-Free (as seen on the authenticity card). I’ve no problems where this bangle was bought so long as it’s authentic. The jewelry came with all the important inclusions, a cardboard box, jewelry box, care cards, product sticker, and the bangle itself.

The packaging looks and feels totally luxe, it has a nice heft to it. Out of the box, the bangle comes with care cards, authenticity card, and a warranty card. The wire bangle itself has a heft to it as well, it doesn’t feel flimsy at all. The ends of the rose gold tips come with a Charriol logo, a feature that fakes do not possess, according to my research.

This bangle looks so elegant in person, I’m actually tempted to get one myself. The one I got was in a large size because my mom has a large wrist.

As far as my experience shopping at Lux Online PH goes, the process was pretty straightforward. I just got in touch with Anne, showed her a picture of the bangle that I wanted and then paid via PayPal. Two days after, the product arrived. The product itself was wrapped well in bubble wrap. Overall, it was a great, trouble-free shopping experience. I might shop more in the future.

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