My Living Room: A Work in Progress

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Oh hey! I know I haven’t been writing anything worth reading recently because I’ve been feeling a wee bit burned out. That’s kinda rich because I’m working less hard nowadays, hahaha! I don’t know man, it’s probably because girlfriend’s getting old. I recently celebrated my birthday and if I’m being completely honest, I wasn’t into it at all. It must be the heat!

Anyway, I thought I’d do a little interior design post today. Haven’t done that in a while, which is a pity because surrounding myself with pretty things is what I’ve always been about.

Just so you know, I’ve been writing this kind of content for more than a year now and though I’m no expert, the job really influenced my taste too. After getting hitched, we moved to an old property, a house that hasn’t been lived in since it was constructed. Initially, I hated the move because I felt more at home in my old house but gradually, we made the new space our own.

I got into decorating our living room and kitchen last year. I did this gradually, just adding a couple of knickknacks here and there. So far, this is what our living room looks like:

It doesn’t look much but if you’ve seen how horrible the set up we had to make do with during the move, this is a welcome upgrade.

A few details: below is an antique narra cupboard that I inherited from my mom. I wanted to give this piece a fresh coat of paint (white) but my mom talked me out of it. I still hate the finish but maybe someday I will go ahead and have this repainted a different color. I use it to store my smaller bags as you can see.

I’ve recently added splashes of color and metallic accents to my decor. My interiors looked sterile and too matchy-matchy before and the metallic accents added character to the space. Can I just say, I love metallic accents! Especially gold and rose gold! Like, literally, the hubs chuckle whenever I see something bright and shiny. I’m so predictable.

I’m always searching for cool throw pillow covers and I love the furry frilly kind. The red one above, I had to travel to the city to get it. My local SM, as well as MegaMall’s department store, doesn’t carry fancy throw pillow covers like that! I got that one at Our Home for PhP 1,200+++ if I’m not mistaken. It’s pricey but so, so nice. The heart-shaped pillow is a Christmas gift from my nieces last year.

Another metallic piece that I got from Our Home is the fruit holder turned book organizer pictured above. I had plans of getting a mirrored serving tray during one of our outings but they were so pricey! Not giving up on that plan but this metallic fruit holder will do in the meantime. The gold bell is a souvenir we got while in Davao. I wish we bought more!

I got a couple of those metallic pineapples and pear wire decors at Megamall department store. I paired one with a silver placemat and a bronzy picture frame. This arrangement serves as my living room centerpiece.

The arrangement above is set on a side table. It’s a little too bare for my liking still but I’m still mixing and matching my decors at this point. I’m still learning about layering!

I also re-arranged my bookcases last week. They were set in a different part of the living room and now, they are side by side with the TV in between. I still like the old arrangement but I feel that this saves a lot of space. My living room is petite, btw, so anything that can help claim what little floor space I have left, I’d go for it. I freakin’ hate the wires tho. Still figuring out how to hide the cords without investing in a tall cabinet.

Here’s my husband’s domain, the kitchen. I love our kitchen because it’s one of the largest, homiest rooms in the house. We’re constantly adding new items in the kitchen now that our finances aren’t focused too much on getting larger pieces of furniture. I love how large the kitchen is compared to our old kitchen. We have plans for expanding the storage space even more so we can finally up our dinnerware game! SO excited.

Below is what my current entryway looks like. It’s not much so upgrades will be made this April. I’m planning on having a shoe closet made along with a cabinet/seating area thing going on. I will also add a couple of pieces so my cats have a spot to sleep during the afternoons by the window.

A yayamanin decorative mirror will also replace that picture hanging on the wall. I will also get rid of my old full-length mirror and get a leaning, oversized one in a sleek, minimalist design. Luckily, we know a woodworks shop near our home so we have several customized pieces in mind. I pulled lots of inspos online! It was such a fun project and I cannot wait to get this shit started because I need my home to look better.

After doing bits of work in the entryway, we will move on to my brother’s bedroom (which needs a total makeover) and the guestroom (which is bare!). Hay! So many things to think about! How’s your weekend going?


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