Little White Pouch Review: My Experience Ordering from an Online Seller

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UPDATE: This review has been sitting in the draft section since March! I wrote this blog around the time I found out I got pregnant so let’s just say girlfriend’s got distracted big time.

My engagement ring, which is the most important ring I own, I no longer wear. And it’s not because I finally got tired of the design, far from it. I’m still in love with the 3-stone setting, the diamond and sapphire combo is TDF.

Back when the would-be hubs and I were designing the ring, I chose a delicate setting. I was warned by Cherry, the owner of Diamond Fire Manila, about it but I was too stubborn I guess. The ring made my fingers look extra slender, you see. Unfortunately, the setting is the kind that cannot tolerate everyday wear. I simply cannot enjoy the ring no thanks to the fragile setting.

I kept bonking the stone too. Throughout the short time that I wore the ring, the prongs that held the diamond started loosening. I was so paranoid that I’d lose the center stone so I kept the engagement ring in its box, hardly wearing it.

Initially, we wanted to tighten the prongs but in the end, we decided to have the e-ring re-set at some point. I’m still on the fence about it because I don’t really want to change the setting at all. I’m sentimental like that! We’re still figuring out where and when to get this done (my choice is Oro Gem at The Podium, check it out!) but in the meantime, I treated myself to a new ring by Little White Pouch.

I had such a great experience with Ms. Via of Fine Jewelry PH but I will use her for a different project.

Little White Pouch is an online jewelry store owned by Yani Monroy. I learned about this store after following a popular blogger on Instagram. Little White Pouch made the blogger’s engagement ring and wedding set. Since I was looking for another trusted jeweler, tapping an artisan who previously worked with a popular personality should work out great, right?

Little White Pouch: Ordering Online

I pinged Yani about the project on Instagram. I feel that she’s often on Insta than FB so I think this is the best way to get in touch with her. I just described the ring that I wanted and gave her a sample picture of the style that I had in mind. Basically, it’s my old e-ring design, lol

My instructions were simple. First, I wanted a robust setting so the ring is resilient enough for everyday wear. Also, I wanted zero spaces in between the stones. The prongs should be durable and thick but they shouldn’t affect the sparkle of the main stone in any way. Finally, I want a flush setting because I have several eternity rings and my plan was to wear the ring with an eternity band at all times.

After ironing out the details, I received an order form via email. The form outlined all the ring’s information including the price, banking details, payment method, etc. Ordering the ring was pretty straightforward although you have to get Yani’s attention to seal the deal. She’s busy I think so she cannot track all inquiries. I wired the initial payment using the BPI app so that was easy.

The agreed lead time was 1 month but there were slight delays, all for good reasons I suppose. The first delay has something to do with the ring’s minor flaw. According to Yani, the ring was done but black lines were forming on the metal so they must be polished off:

They had to do the polishing carefully because the problem could worsen if not done correctly. I like how much of a perfectionist Yani is, she wouldn’t send off a piece if it’s not 100% perfect in her eyes. Also, I appreciate the quick updates! Yes, there were delays but Yani was quick to respond and answer any question, which I appreciate since it’s my first time dealing with her.

I was set to meet her rep to claim the ring but Yani got sick and was not able to deliver the ring in time. In all honesty, I was thoroughly disappointed that Yani canceled the meeting because the appointment was one of the reasons why I drove all the way to the city. She was apologetic about it and explained why the meeting won’t push through. I understood her reasons so I just moved on. Granted, we had a lot of things going on during that time so it was easy to move on from my initial disappointment.

Since the ring needed more polishing, the delivery was delayed by two more days. That was okay because she had a good reason for it. My only regret is that I was not able to wear the ring during our Caramoan vacation. I was planning lengthy shoots with it, hahaha! Eventually, the ring was shipped via LBC.

The Product

Right, let’s get to the product finally! The ring was packed in a white pouch (hence the name of the store). The packaging is adorable, quite rustic. Inside is the ring, of course, and it’s gorgeous!

First off, the quality is amazing. The white gold was polished to a high shine and it has a nice heft to it. The ring is not heavy but it’s definitely not fragile either. Hindi tinipid ang ginto (she didn’t skimp on the gold). My mom was so impressed since we both knew gold is so expensive these days.

You cannot see it in these pics but the ring features claw-prongs, which was the perfect design to showcase the stones. I love the strong yet non-obstructive prongs, the ring is designed to take a beating with ease. I could wear the ring every day for the rest of my life without worrying about losing the stone!

I love the semi-high setting so an eternity ring could sit flush with the ring. I do mind the gap guys, and the slight space between my old e-ring and my eternity band drove me nuts!

As you can see, the ring sits flush with my thin eternity band, no gap. They look so perfect together! As for the dimension of the gems, the ring has a 1-carat center and .15 carat equivalent sapphire sides, these are my dream dimensions but we were trying to save up when the then-boyf purchased my e-ring.

The center stone, I believe, was handpicked by Yani’s supplier and it’s quite the firecracker. Instead of mod shots, I made this clip just so you can see the amazing quality of the center stone:

If there’s one design component that I’m not too pleased about, it’s the exposed part of the prongs inside the ring. The exposed bits gave the ring an undone appearance like the ring isn’t complete or something.

I get that they couldn’t fill this area in completely but I wish they removed more of the protruding metal (the base of the center prongs) and polished the insides so the bumps aren’t too noticeable.

Final Thoughts

I’m pretty much patting myself on the back for choosing Little White Pouch for designing and creating this lovely ring. The price is reasonable, the quality is impressive, and the durability of the ring is unquestionable. If you’re looking for high-quality fine jewelry, don’t go to the mall. Work with an artisan who’s committed to crafting the finest pieces of jewerly at reasonable prices. Little White Pouch is highly recommended!

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