iPad Pro Review: 7 Key Features We Love!

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Move over iPad Air (you too, iPad mini), there is a new tablet in town and it is one powerful beast! At 12.9 inches, the iPad Pro is Apple’s biggest slate yet. It’s more than just a tablet, the iPad Pro is designed as a laptop replacement.

iPad Pro comes with Apple’s A9X processor, which can handle processing, photo editing, and 4K video streaming with ease. If you’re finally ready to spend your hard-earned cash on this baby, here are the 7 major features you can expect from the iPad Pro:

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Larger Display

iPad Pro’s 12.9-inch Retina screen is almost the same size as a conventional laptop. The Pro’s screen size is slightly larger than its closest competitor, the Samsung Galaxy Note Pro, which measures 12.2 inches. Because the Pro is about the same size as the iPad Air 2, you can run full sized Air 2 apps with it. The larger screen paired with the multitasking feature makes video streaming a joy. The word processing/photo editing less cumbersome.

Powerful Processor

Of course, the iPad Pro is not just about the size, it is also a powerful machine. At the heart of the Pro is the third generation A9X, a 64-bit chip that offers twice the memory bandwidth of the A8X. The A9X processor delivers twice the storage performance and processing speed of its older sibling. According to Apple, the A8X processor almost yields “desktop” level performance so you can expect the A9X to pack plenty of power!

Multi-Tasking Feature

Using Adobe Photoshop’s Fix application on the iPad Pro is quite the experience. The Fix was designed specifically for the Pro. Thanks to the Pro’s multi-tasking feature, it can detect facial features, making photo editing a breeze. The Pro also supports Photoshop Sketch and Apple Pencil.

Excellent Speakers

Although iPad and iPhone’s speakers are good, they are not worth writing home about. That’s because iPads and iPhones only come with two speakers. On the other hand, the Pro is fitted with four speakers, delivering major audio improvements.

The speaker housings are fused directly into the unibody enclosure. This allows for 61% more volume and 3 times more output than previous models. That means you never have to cup your hand over the speakers to make the sound more audible.  Oh, the Pro can also recognize the device orientation to ensure balanced audio.

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Better Battery

Thanks to its powerful battery, the iPad Pro makes a proper workhorse for business use as well as pros on the go. The Pro’s 38.5 watt-hour battery yields about 10 hours of life so it can survive a whole day’s worth of hard use. To put that into perspective, the Pro’s battery life is longer than Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3’s, which only packs enough juice for 9-hour usage.

Storage Options

Because this slate is geared for business and power users, the iPad Pro comes with 32GB and 128 GB memory. Although the iPad Pro offers plenty of space for high-performance application, we’re quite surprised that Apple decided against offering a 64GB version. As with most Apple products, the Pro does not have a microSD slot so the internal storage is not expandable.


They say bigger is better and that may be true for the iPad Pro. Although the Pro is the largest in Apple’s range, it only weighs about 713 grams. The Pro is just 276 grams heavier than iPad Air despite the extra two inches of display and large chassis.  Because the Pro is light, users can enjoy the larger dimensions and get work done without the muscle strain.

The iPad Pro is now available to order! The iPad Pro 32GB and 128GB WiFi-only models will set you back £679 and £799, respectively while the LTE 128GB version costs £899.

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