iPad Mini: The Hunt is On

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It’s one thing to allocate money for a specific something, it’s another to hunt for a store that has that specific something in stock. Yes this is definitely one of those harrowing #FirstWorldProblemsinTheThirdWorld. Le ugh. As you might’ve already guessed, yes, I am finally ready to buy the damn thing except there’s a freakin’ shortage of the damn thing and you couldn’t get one unless you a) wait for the slated release of the next batch of units at godknowswhen 2) pre-order them from willing retailers and get them next week.

I went for the latter, shelling more than six grand to get a sure unit of 32 GB WIFI-cellular iPad mini from Silicon Valley, sometime next week. I did so unwillingly. But I had very little choice. I scoured Cyberzone together with my boyfriend (who, by the way, has been such a darling throughout the whole thing despite being super tired himself), asking store after store (all Authorized dealers) if they got the stuff I wanted on hand. Most don’t and some that do carry it, offers it at a price. And I ain’t paying 31K for an under performing non-Retina device, no,no, no.

It’s quite a hassle, actually, since I was already visualizing all the fun things I’d do with it (incessant caressing, marvel at its engineering and the like) but well, I suppose a few days worth of waiting shouldn’t be hard. I didn’t waste time checking out other stores from the gray market because not only are the prices super jacked up, I might find questionable stuff in terms of the warranty… that and the fact that I’m too fucking lazy to head to Greenhills for eeet.

So there, the hunt ends with a short trip to Silicon Valley. If things go as planned, I might be able to get my hands on an iPad mini sometime next week. I just wish it didn’t take this much effort for a super tiny tablet, ya know? With a ram of tumataginting na 512 MB, I’m hoping it’s worth it all.

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