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I’ve been away from the city for over a month I think, and I’m back! The first thing I did was to go to Rustan’s to finally get full sizes each of their 3-Step Skin care system. The entire set cost me quite a pretty penny but after investing on the Clarisonic, I am committed on taking more care of my skin. I love shopping at Rustan’s because they not only offer great insights on each brand, they are also quite generous when it comes to giving freebies, check out the swag:


Gurl, I got like, millions of samples, a free bag PLUS won a deluxe sample package from Clinique’s “Pick a Prize” Chinese New Year promo. I was beside myself with excitement, I love free shit!

And the spending didn’t stop there. I also picked up a BB cream from Missha, a Korean skincare and cosmetics brand, because after my skin has improved greatly after a week’s use of the Clarisonic. I feel that a full coverage foundation is no longer needed and I can switch back to using BB creams (before the summer season rolls in, that is).


As much as I wanted to go for the Laura Mercier tinted foundation (the black one, which is their bestseller), the coverage might be too sheer for me. Following my sister’s advice to buy BB creams from a Korean cosmetics company rather than a Western one, I went for the Missha Perfect Cover BB cream, which had a pop-up store at Shang’s The Ramp. I think the lady got my skin tone number wrong though. Because she advised me to go for the No. 21 but after I did my research, it turns out the right number for me would’ve been No. 23 (I’m NC30-35).


Thank goodness I only got the trial size because I wanted to check how my skin will react and I resisted buying the full size. That would’ve been a very expensive mistake! Wrong color aside, I plan to still test-run the product just to see how my skin will look using a really high end BB Cream. I’m no stranger to BB Cream but I tend to buy the cheap drugstore ones and though they are nice, I wanted to see how the more expensive ones will fare. I only stopped wearing BB Creams after my skin has turned for the worst. And now that I’m back with a much nicer skin, I think I should start learning how adjust my makeup routine to the current state of my skin (used to not do this at all).

So! With all these expensive skin care products will it guarantee gorgeous skin? Not totally sure on that. I’m hoping I get my money’s worth though.

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