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So with my master plan in full swing, I’m praying hard that I’ll get what I finally dream of, a space all my own. Meanwhile, I’m busy between work and anticipating the things that are about to come in the coming months ahead. First stop, I picked a gift for my mom. You know, my mom is so bad at getting gifts. She’s the type who, if gifted with something she loves, she’d use over and over again. But if you give her something she feels she doesn’t need or want, you’ll never hear the end of it. Like seriously. Last Christmas, we gave her a bag and she absolutely hated it and she basically said, I don’t like the style, you can take it back if you like. So yeah.

This year, I played it safe and got her a pair of diamond earrings. Here they are:


Nice eh? Well I hope she wears it, hahaha!

Next, the boyfriend and I booked a trip to Hundred Islands, somewhere in the north to celebrate our anniversary. We booked this trip with a couple of friends in tow, via Metro Deal. It’s our first time booking a budget trip of sorts and fingers-crossed, things will be okay. As of the moment, we were trying to figure out which of the four dates were approved for the trip, meh, boring details.

I know I should be saving up for the condo thing I was planning sometime next year. Actually, all the planning and mapping out of my expenses is depressing me. I think I’m getting cold feet. It’s hard to explain. My mom was supportive of my decision and even told me she’d help me secure a bank loan but after thinking things through, I’m unsure if I should go for it at all. I mean, I plan to take over our family business in Tarlac sometime in 2015 if I take a condo right now, I will only live in it for like, a couple of years. By then, I can’t even lease the place because I’d probably be still paying for it. So thinking that and a heck load of others things, like getting hitched within the next two years, blah, blah, blah, it sorta made me realize I have the worst timing in the world. Like, the worst ever. Why, why, why didn’t I think about getting a condo when I was like, 25 or something?  Meh. No use crying over spilled milk.

It seems I’ve been getting more and more homesick as of late. That means, I’ve been in a really awful mood all week. More antisocial than usual, if I do say so myself. My sister and our cat Dimitri, has gone back to Tarlac to spend time with the family until she gets her visa. Since my sister and the cat is on an indefinite vacation, I’m stuck going back and forth the city and Tarlac, taking care of the general safekeeping of our apartment and all that jazz. I invited a few friends over during the first week of being alone and it was sorta fun. It was helluva hard work trying to keep the apartment together after a night of debauchery, let me tell ya. Too bad I don’t have pictures, hahahah! I was too busy washing the dishes, collecting thrash and entertaining my guests, I forgot the photo op. Maybe next time 🙂

So. New work week is up ahead and I am gearing for yet another travel back to Tarlac for my mom’s birthday. Hopefully, we will get to discuss the condo thing. Didn’t tell her about being unsure about the idea now but we’ll see. Maybe there’s a solution to be found in all of this.

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