I’m Married!

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It finally happened, I got married on a Caturday!

I go by Tina Lee-Almazar or Tina Lee-Almie now, hahaha! Our wedding was pretty simple, the ceremony was a straightforward affair, just the way we like it. There were several mishaps that were completely out of our control (I got sick days leading up to the wedding and after, the paper flowers were not realistic enough, our bridal table went missing, etc.) but at that point, we’re just glad the whole thing was over.

I’m quite happy with the little details, such as the arrangement of the souvenirs on the sponsors and guest tables, respectively:

photo-13-11-2016-6-30-57-pm photo-13-11-2016-6-31-14-pm

Our guest tokens were a hit, as predicted:


And of course, the cake buffet, which was my personal favorite, was another hit!


Thanks to Ann Lim and Purple Oven for the wonderful cakes, everyone loved the sweets 😀

Other snaps I took from Leycel, my cousin in law’s Facebook page:



Here’s us with my family


Here’s us with my in-laws



Here’s my events stylish Ann (who happens to be my sister’s high school friend) my sister and I. As usual, I can’t help but make faces on cam, hahahaa!

I did my own makeup btw and the hotel lighting was so terrible it’s a miracle I pulled it off. I got so many compliments (guests didn’t know I did my own face)!

For some reason, I did not go through the same process that I went through during my practice. After priming my face, I pretty much slapped the products on but I’m glad the makeup was great and it held up nicely despite the humidity and the long hours spent entertaining guests.


Here’s us internalizing on camera, ahahahah!

I also did my own hair using White Rain maximum hold hairspray (it’s nice!) and finished off with a bejeweled headband that looked a lot like a tiara. The wrap-around dress I wore as my wedding dress was a gift from my sister.

My sister is a fashion designer and this dress was also designed by her, which made it even more special. She could’ve designed a piece of rag and I’d still wear it with pride lol. SO happy I got gifted with a unique dress to wear on my wedding day! 😀

I love how it rained ever so lightly a few minutes before the ceremony started. I’m not superstitious but I was hoping for rain for luck! The best part of the wedding was the hubs’ (that’s his new codename now, a step up from “the boyf” title) musical performance, hahaha! It was awesome.

That’s it, pancit! We’re headed to our honeymoon next week starting with a pitstop at Putipot island (a getaway gift from my cousins) and then it’s off to Bicol for six solid days of no work, woot!

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