How to Look Your Best in Your Wedding Photos

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All brides deserve to look their best on the big day but planning a wedding could leave you with sleepless nights and occasional breakouts! Good thing we’re experts on making you look perfect on your wedding day! Our seasoned wedding photographers have a few tricks up their sleeves to create beautiful results:

Upping Your Skin Care Game

The stress of planning a wedding could manifest itself on your skin. To keep your skin looking fresh and youthful, drink more water and stick to a healthy diet. Eliminate fatty foods, fast food, and processed foods from your diet to give your complexion a boost. Replace these foods with antioxidant-rich fruits and veggies!

To prevent unsightly blemishes, pimple scars or a full blown acne flare out, use a set of skin care products recommended by your dermatologist. If a zit or two erupts on your wedding day, keep a tube of acne gel handy for spot treatment.

Pretty Nails

Never overlook the little details or they might stick out like a sore thumb on your wedding photos! Chipped nail polish, chewed on nails, or splitting cuticles could ruin an otherwise flawless picture. So ladies, keep your digits soft by using a nourishing hand cream and get your nails done before the big day. If your nails are prone to breaking despite sticking to a healthy diet, we recommend opting for falsies.


Perfect Smile

Teeth whitening products are a godsend especially on special events like weddings. If you are conscious about your teeth, whiten them up several weeks before the wedding by using whitening strips or 12-day whitening treatments. Apply the strip on the top and bottom teeth, leave it on for 25 minutes to achieve a dazzling smile.

A Healthy Diet

Does the stress of planning a wedding leaves you craving for salty, fatty, greasy food? Don’t give in to your cravings! Unhealthy foods could cause you to bloat, making you look heavier in pictures. And if you are tempted to try a rapid weight loss diet to get faster results, don’t. Instead, cut back on unhealthy foods.

Stick to a healthy diet a few months before the wedding day and never skip a meal. Fill your plate with fresh, organic vegetables and fruits as well as lean protein and unprocessed grains. Drink at least eight glasses of water every day to boost your metabolic rate.

Regular Exercise

You don’t have to spend hours at the gym working out to lose weight a few weeks before the wedding. Combine a healthy diet with moderate exercises and you’ll lose weight effectively! Walking, jogging, swimming, and running are just a few workouts you can add to your fitness regimen to lose weight or maintain your physique. And in case you’re worried about how you’ll look in your wedding pictures, having a talented photographer can help you look your best.

Bridal Glow

Your skin has to be at its best on your wedding day but sometimes, that beautiful bridal glow is so elusive! You can fake that glow using a combination of highlighters and bronzers applied on key parts of the body. If you’re using a spray tan, we recommend performing a trial run at least 2 weeks before the big day because oompah loompah orange skin is not a good look!

An experienced wedding photographer can also bring out that fabulous bridal glow in pictures. All it takes is a keen eye and perfect lighting to fake a gorgeous glow on cam.

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Bridal Makeup

As far as bridal makeup goes, go with a look that you feel comfortable in. Make sure to work closely with your makeup artist to create the perfect makeup. If you’d like to try a different look, do a couple of trial runs with your makeup artist to test how the makeup holds up in natural light. Don’t try a new look on the wedding day itself.


Just like your makeup artist, you have to work closely with your hair stylist to create the most flattering hairstyle on the big day! If you want to try a new hairstyle, have your hair cut a month before the wedding so you have more time getting used to your new ‘do. Two weeks before you say I Do, get your hair colored, retouch the roots or go for a gloss treatment for extra shine.

Catch Up on Sleep

After finalizing the hairstyle, the dress, the guest list and all the details of the wedding, catch up on sleep so you’ll look fresh and radiant on your wedding day!

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