Hello from Hong Kong Pt. 2

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Oh hai, just got back from chilly Hong Kong for a mini-moon!  After we landed in the mainland, we wasted no time seeing the sights, tasting the food, and of course, traveling to Disneyland.

We stumbled upon a makeshift roadside resto in Nathan street, directly parallel to Nathan hotel. The place looked scary to be honest, it’s not exactly the kind of place I frequent to eat but the food is hella good.

I was suffering a minor bout of gastritis because I drank a lot of coffee so I was not able to eat during our first visit. The hubs ordered roasted duck, BBQ pork and yang chow fried rice (with slivers of pork, egg, and sweet shrimps)

I felt so bad because I wanted to enjoy the food as much as the hubs did but I could not eat a bite without doubling over in pain!

We decided to return the next night in hopes that I’d feel better enough to go for a second round, hahaha!

We also came across this cool snack shop. It can get pretty crowded here during the early evening! We loved the mushroom balls, the pork tongue, and the cuttlefish! We also ordered the squid balls, so good.

On our second visit, I was finally ready to do serious damage to my gut. We ordered the pork guts, mantis shrimp, roast duck (our fave, hands down) and roasted pork belly.

I thought the hubs was exaggerating the first time around but lawrd, the food is heaven! The place could use a major makeover tho:

We also stopped by Charlie Brown cafe on our first day! We ordered the beef goulash, mushroom soup, and latte.

The next day, we traveled to Lantau island to visit Disneyland. This would be my third time visiting Disneyland but the hubs’ first so I was excited for him!

At first, we couldn’t find the right MTR entrance because we were not connected to the internet but eventually, we managed to make our way to the Disneyland train!

My hubs clearly enjoyed the experience:

Because we’re on vacation, we ate tons of things. Not like we don’t eat tons of things on the daily but well:

The hubs got the egg tart and pork buns while I got the peaches with jelly as well as the pink cake:

We also sat down at a nearby cafe, I ordered the classic Mickey Mouse pancake while the hubs went for the turkey leg, my fave!     

Of course, a Disneyland outing isn’t complete without the proper headgear. I went for the Minnie Mouse, as per usual, while the hubs got the Pluto hat!

We walked around the different gardens and bought a couple of souvenirs for the nephews and nieces.

As we made our way to the airport the next day, we ate at Popeye’s. Not really impressed. The food’s garbage.

For dessert, I picked up this sweet treat. So so good. Kinda made me regret I didn’t get more packs to take home!

Here’s the hubs slightly sad that we’re leaving Hong Kong so soon 🙂

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