Hello from Hong Kong! Pt. 1

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Hi from Hong Kong! We arrived at Hong Kong early in the morning and it was raining. The rain made me nervous because I have blu with me but thankfully, I had the foresight to waterproof her before the trip.

The weather is pretty chilly but it’s all too similar to PH’s February cold season. Nothing that I can’t handle! I didn’t even dress in layers!

First, we checked in at Butterfly on Prat. This is a boutique hotel located in the heart of Prat street. The staff members are so friendly and our hotel room is pretty too!


If you’re curious, we got to our hotel by riding an A21 bus right at the airport’s entrance! We were dropped off at Mody ave. and we just walked straight ahead (right side) to reach Butterly on Prat.

The first time I was in HK, we traveled to the mainland by MTR but having experienced riding the bus this time, I prefer the latter. The trip was longer at 1 hour because of the stops, but the ride lets you see the local sights. Also, the buses are all double-deckers and we had the best seat in the house!

We basically did bits of walking later the day because of the rain. We walked from Prat Avenue, where our hotel is located, to Nathan street. I love Park Lane!

There were several benches all over Park Lane where you can sit down, rest your feet, and take in the sights. We shopped at several stores, particularly a couple of shops that sell cute items.

We also hunted down Temple street for souvenirs and other local items. It was still pouring when we got there and the makeshift stores do not have a roof or any kind of protection from the rain!

We had a small haul by the time we left! We got three packs of HK magnets, a couple tins of Pokemon cards, several pens with a luxe case, genuine Jade accessories, a couple of I <3 HK shirts, a mobile phone holder for the car and other knick knacks. I wanted to get a couple of artworks too but decided against it for packing issues.

I managed to snag several ceramic saucers! They come in tons of designs and colors. I chose the prettiest ones in the lot. I swear I’ll get more of these when I get back to Tokyo next year.



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