Getting Twitter Followers To Promote Your Business

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Marketing your business through social networking sites like Twitter may not seem like an effective strategy given that your “tweets” are limited to 140-characters but with over half a billion active users, it’s actually one of the largest social media sites out there, making it one of the best places to promote your business.

Before we get down to the nitty-gritty, let’s discuss what Twitter is all about. Twitter is one of the most popular social networking sites in the world. Unlike Facebook where users can update their network with pictures, status messages and even polls, Twitter is mainly there to share information, the most stripped down kind there is!  As long as you are able to generate relevant, engaging content without sounding too “spammy”, you can use Twitter not just to market your business but also get your followers to promote your business!

For marketers, Twitter is an extremely useful tool to get the word out about their business. Unfortunately, even the most engaging content are left ignored by other users simply because marketers failed to observe some of the most essentials aspects of sending out tweets. And because millions of users are tweeting several times at any given day, making a name for yourself on Twitter can be quite a struggle. However, when done right, you can turn your users into your own personal marketing team. How? We’ve listed down ways on how you can encourage your network to spread the word about your business.

Getting People To Talk

Twitter may be hi-tech but social media is a great place to hold meaningful conversation with your network. Twitter, after all, rose from the ranks by being one of the most conducive platforms for real conversations between users. So how do you get your network to talk to you? How can you trade banter and share each other’s POV? It all starts by getting people to follow you. While the number of your followers may not be that much of a big deal, it does say a lot about your reputation on a specific market. Once you have established a sizable following, the challenge is to interact with them, particularly high profile individuals from your niche market, and getting them to engage you in a conversation.

Quality VS Quantity

Just like any other social networking sites, Twitter popularity is rooted in regularity. This means that in order to be relevant, you have to stay relevant. And you can’t be relevant if you only update your account once a week! Building and managing a social community starts at consistent flow of information between you and your network. However, the information has to be timely, fresh and engaging in order to attract attention.

A lot of people mistake quality for quantity. Posting too many tweets may not necessarily be enough to get you to keep in talks with other Twitter users. While quantity does matter, in terms of engaging others, choosing sharable content is still key. From giving your two cents on issues that matter to entertaining videos or blog posts, you will definitely benefit from Twitter by sharing quality content, things that people would want to read and watch.

Analyzing Your Marketing Campaign

It’s important to keep track of your marketing plan’s overall historic and predictive performance to ensure online promotion is going to the direction that you want. First, you will start by analyzing your old data i.e. pinpointing where your top followers are location and where potential users are located, and determining if you are getting any positive results from these users.

Next, analyze your data to find out the future growth of your business with a time constraint. By using old and new data, you will be able to predict the results you can expect within the next few weeks. There are great tools to help you analyze your marketing campaign. Some of the most popular includes Twitter Counter and MetionMap.


Hash tagging was developed during Twitter’s infancy. Today, it’s considered a norm with major social networks like Facebook and Instagram joining in to the hashtagging craze. But did you know hash tagging can actually help you promote your business? Hash tagging allows any user to promote themselves as niche users. Your feed with the hash tag will instantly be archived to other tweets with similar topics. So whenever possible, add a hash tag on your tweets to get more people to follow your tweets

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