Getting Tested For STD? Here’s What To Expect

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People who visit sexually transmitted disease clinics for the first time have one thing in common, they do not know what to expect once they undergo testing for STD. In this article, we will discuss several things that individuals can expect once they visit STD clinics for the first time:

Sometimes, appointments are not necessary.

Some sexually transmitted disease clinics offer their services to walk-in clients. Of course, this will depend on the type of clinic you visited. However, be prepared to wait because there are others clinics that have long waiting period while there are others that do not offer walk-in services at all. In order to save yourself from unnecessary trouble, it is advisable to call the clinic and ask if they entertain walk-in clients.

Waiting period for results will vary

The waiting period on different sexually transmitted disease clinics will vary. Certain factors will affect the duration of waiting for results such as the type of testing you signed for. Some clinics can send in results in as little as 30 minutes while other takes about 3 business days or more if you sign for home testing. Shipping the test kits and sending it back to the clinic will take much longer as compared with having appointments or walking in a testing clinic.

Confidentiality is a huge issue

Most sexually transmitted disease clinics offer absolute confidentiality when it comes to your contact information and test result. However, if a person gets a positive reading for certain STDs such as HIV/AIDS, their information will have to be sent to a government-enforced monitoring agency. For negative reading, sensitive information and medical records will remain 100% confidential.

Giving your real name is optional

Generally, sexually transmitted disease clinics do not require their customers to indicate their real name. This move will be under the discretion of the customer himself. However, if you prefer to use your real name, you can expect that all your medical records, results and various information will remain under lock and key.

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