Gearing Up For Davao!

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Time flies when you’re having fun, I can’t believe we’re just a few weeks away from our first wedding anniversary! Since this is such a milestone, the hubs and I decided to go all out for our first wedding anniversary. We’ll be flying off to Davao for a 6-day vacation starting with Pearl Farm Resort then Marco Polo Davao. Squeee!

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Since putting on a lot of weight, I decided to shop for new swimmies rather than squeeze myself into my old ones. Weight gain sucks so bad but I’m learning to like my new figure.

I was in the city a couple of times but there was no opportunity to shop so I had to do my shopping here in the prabens. Such is the provincial life! Thankfully, SM is just 30 minutes away from my hometown. The selection is limited but my timing is impeccable as usual, all swimmies are at 50% off! Here are the swimsuits that I got:

I love how this number makes me look thinner. The material is also sturdy and thick. The straps are a little troublesome though, one of the straps won’t stay up but overall the fit is terrific.

This colorful one-piece is so pretty and I got such a good deal out of this purchase too! I love how the swimsuit fits my shape perfectly, it’s quite flattering. It doesn’t do much in terms of making my tummy look flat from the sides but the graphic details sorta conceal my gut from the front!

The final swimsuit is something that I don’t usually gravitate to because of the print. But the SA urged me to try it on and so I did. I was quite surprised about the great fit. The strap is so comfortable too.  It doesn’t dig into my shoulders. The print is similar to Dolce & Gabbana’s floral graphics, it looks like a designer swimsuit! I also love how thick the padding is and the overall quality of the material.

I love one-piece swimsuits with great butt coverage and all these swimmies look great from behind too!

I also picked up a couple of non-swimmies items. They were on sale so I couldn’t resist! I got this pretty, almost see-through, knitted bottoms, which I plan to use a beach cover-up.

I also got a cool tropical sundress so I can wear over my swimmies. The hibiscus print is so nice and I love the design. I wish they had this specific dress in different prints so I could get a couple more.

Apart from swimsuits, I’ve also started shopping for sunblock. I expect lots of time spent outdoors and this vampiric skin needs all the protection it can get. As per usual, I will be taking different types of sunblock and pray to Jesus I won’t burn too much. Of course, a bottle of insect repellant is a must if you live in the tropics so there you go!

The hubs and I also shopped for snorkel gears also. Just the usual plastic eyewear and tube thing, nothing fancy. I cannot wait to use them during the trip! I’m so excited I’m freaking myself out, hahaha!


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