From Moving Out to Saying I Do: One Hell of an Update!

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Wow, I left my blog stagnant for almost a month! There’s been so many things going on in my life at the moment that I couldn’t give you guys an update. First off, I have moved out from my city apartment to stay here in my hometown indefinitely. I say indefinitely because I have plans of getting maybe a condo or another apartment in the future so there’s that! Wouldn’t want Mega Mall to miss me too much, hahaha!

The move wasn’t as painful as I imagined but I’m still dealing with unopened boxes a week after and getting things organized is so slow because our other house is getting renovated (We will move in to the new house after we get…)

Photo 25-06-2016, 10 47 51 AM

… Married in November! Oh yas! We are still in the initial stages of prepping for the (civil) wedding so I’m not stressing over it too much. We already took care of the wedding planner, photographer, videographer, decorator, venue, menu, cake, and souvenirs so there’s that!

In case you’d like to know what token I chose for the wedding, why, I uploaded this neat video:

Pretty groovy right? Did you know I spent four sleepless nights just thinking about the perfect souvenir for our wedding? I wanted to give my loved ones something unique and quirky. Unfortunately, the types of tokens available here on PH are so boring and the selection is limited to salt shakers and bottle openers so ew.

I had the idea of giving away musical carousels for the principal sponsors but they were so dang expensive. At the same time, I thought about giving away mini musical boxes for loved ones. As expected, there’s no company that sells these musical boxes in PH so I had no choice but to get them overseas.

Photo 25-06-2016, 10 49 15 AM

I got these from Singapore 🙂 and they play La Vie en Rose or “Life in Pink,” a song with “lyrics telling about the joy of finding true love.”

And because true love is not cheap, we paid a lot getting these babies shipped here in the tropics but it was worth it! For fellow brides, I got these hand crank music boxes from I Do I Do Wedding Favors in case you guys are thinking of getting them as well. Transaction was pretty smooth!

Photo 25-06-2016, 10 43 10 AM

Each musical box is packed in bubble wrap. It comes with a dainty ribbon and a tiny “Thank You” card so there’s no need to purchase separate thank you stickers, yay! Of course, we will get these babies wrapped in pretty packaging to match our “Spring Blooms” theme.

For the principal sponsors, we scoured various shops for spa products because I’m a sucker for aromatherapy. Here’s what the sponsor loot looks like:

Photo 25-06-2016, 10 46 16 AM

Each set will also come with a bottle of nut spread, which we will get as the wedding nears (so it doesn’t go bad before the actual event) or a bottle of fruit wine. The set will be embellished with rose paper and maybe some type of sinamay wrapping with pastel colored ribbons.

In case you’re wondering, the aromatherapy set and cute basket were purchased at Gourdo’s in Mega Mall while the soap dish is from Crate & Barrel. I thoroughly enjoyed scouring Mega Mall for cool gifts with the fiance!

I will be documenting the wedding, including the little details, on my blog as the event nears so if you’d like to split the stress with me, watch this space!

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