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You guys! I just ordered my first Sigma set and I’m blown away by the quality. I seem to be in a makeup brush kick lately. I just bought the Smashbox brush set, ordered the Zoeva rose gold set and got a couple of MAC brushes prior to getting the Sigma brush kit.

I am a firm believer that you need the right tools to get the job done and that applies to all things, including painting your face!

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Now, I wasn’t expecting much about this set because I figured since it’s a set, the quality would be so-so. But this is the kind of situation when you are glad to be proven wrong. Every face brush in the kabuki set is high quality. As in!

Let’s start with how soft the Sigmax® fibers are. They are cashmere soft and are densely packed. At first, I was doubting some reviews where users complained how long the brushes dry out when washed but I gave these bad boys their first bath the night they arrived and they’re still wet the next day. So yeah, for the impatient ones out there, drying these brushes will take time, it’s true.


The ferrules are pinched, they’re in silver or nickel or whatevs. Black, lacquered handles, etc. Standard design, if you ask me. But if you appreciate finely crafted brushes, you’ll love the lacquered wooden handles. They are so glossy, it’s mesmerizing.

Each brush feels hefty, not too weighty though, just enough.  From the get-go, I was interested in the flat top brush, the angled blush brush and the angled face brush (F88). I feel that personally, these brushes are the ones I will use the most!


So far, I’ve used the F84, the F80 and the F88 and just love the results. You’ll need more time to work the product on the face using the F80 but the result is just fabulous, no streaks, the product becomes somewhat undetectable on the skin. It’s a great brush for BB creams, cream and liquid foundations, I think.

The F84 is said to work best with bronzers but I use it for blushes. I like how it picks the right amount of product and really work it on the skin without the harsh lines.

The brushes are really beautiful and to preserve the logo, I gave it a lick of clear nail polish. I’m so disappointed that my RT brushes lost their logos and now they looked really ratty and unkempt.

So if you’re like me who cares a little too much about such things, I say go and protect the logos of your brushes from everyday use by applying a thin coating of clear nail polish 😉

Overall, these brushes surpassed my expectations. I’m now looking into expanding my Sigma collection after I receive my Zoeva brushes, which should be here anytime this week. Woot!

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