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A bit of a good news. I found me a new client.I took on the job from this guy. I decided that well, I’m moving forward and it can’t hurt to try again. So far I can say that this move is probably one of my better decisions. I’m kind of enjoying what I’m doing. I’m not gloating or anything it’s just that after a series of rough patches, this is a welcome change. The thing is, I’m somewhat paranoid about how well things are going. It’s like… too good.

You see, my client seemed like a nice chap. He’s a soldier-turned-online marketer and he seemed like the type who (hopefully) wouldn’t screw people (meaning me) over. He is very lax with the quota, too lax. At the beginning of the negotiation, I asked him point-blank how many articles is he expecting in a day’s work. He nonchalantly said he doesn’t have a number. Just write the articles at a pace that I’m comfortable with. He does expect a progress report at the end of the day, which is obviously a given. It was amazing. It was perfect because I tend to suck at what I do when impossibly high quotas keeps hovering over my head.

When we got talking via Skype he showed me several websites as well as the site from which I’ll write content for.I was excited. This is something I never done before. I told him I know squat about SEO and he said he is more than willing to train me since he is also new to the whole online marketing biz. Any person in my situation would’ve said yes in a heartbeat. He is offering me a huge pay, an opportunity to explore and go beyond my comfort zone and he seemed like a genuinely cool guy to work with. What more can you ask for, right?

Nevertheless, it has to be said. In the middle of our negotiation, I had a brain fart:

“And by the way I just want say something with regards to your email about looking for an honest and loyal employee. I’m as honest as they come and my only expectation for a client is for that person to be a good one. I’m saying this because I just got duped by a client last week and I’m hoping it won’t happen again. I’m not generalizing but the experience kinda left me a bit wary of taking on a full-time project again. I’m not greedy and just like you, I spread myself thickly when it comes to work. So there. I want to be cautious the second time around¬† Just lemme know what you think about what I said.

Hold the applause.

I needed to say it because I simply have no time for guessing games. I’m trying to get my shit together fast and I have no need for people who will just waste my time. When I told him this, I was ready to lose the gig even when we barely wrapped up the negotiation. I was actually expecting him to back out from the deal. I won’t take it against him if he ever did. Hell, if I were in his shoes, I’d be somewhat turned off because the person who wrote this clearly has a bad case of emotional baggage and if there’s one thing clients hate, it’s drama.

Well, he didn’t because wouldn’t you know it, he actually can relate to what happened. Turns out he got duped by a guy he was supposed to hire. He said he was relieved that he finally found someone who meant business and that gave him peace of mind. He assured me that he has no plans of taking advantage of me and that he was glad to hear my concern about our arrangement.

Wow. Yeah, I’m just as surprised as you are.

So we got started and I got working. So far I got positive feedbacks. Hope it keeps up. My friends tells me I’m lucky that I get paid this much while also scoring free training. I feel lucky and I should be lucky. I fucking deserve it, that’s why.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed. I can say I’m loving what I’m doing right now. It’s a great thing, really. Knowing you are getting paid while also having the opportunity to improve your skills and learn cool things.

I won’t go back peddling smut, that much I can say.

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