Fine Jewelry PH: My Experience Ordering from an Online Seller

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I was on the hunt for an eternity ring similar to my half-eternity wedding band. I know, it’s excessive but I hate how my wedding band spins, exposing the stone-less bits. It just ruins my look and I’m vain and shallow like that.

Good thing I found an insta-seller who can make the exact eternity ring that I wanted at a really great price! Even better, she accepts layaway payments.

The problem is, most e-sellers tend to treat customers who pay on layaway terms differently from those willing to pay in full. I talked to a couple of e-alaheros and let me tell you, they were accommodating until the word “layaway” crops up in the convo. Suddenly, they give you this weird vibe, like they’d rather not do it.

Let me tell you one instance when I was ignored by an online seller before choosing Fine Jewelry PH:

The insta-jeweler I was talking about, the one I originally wanted to buy from, actually ignored my questions re: her bank details as soon as she found out that I won’t pay in full. I pinged her on Instagram and Viber.

Initially, she was accommodating on Insta but when it came to the installment thing, she didn’t bother pushing through with the project, completely ignoring my questions. Funny enough, she pinged me on Viber on the same day thinking I was a different customer. When I told her I was the one she was talking to on Insta, she ignored my messages again. Why offer layaway terms when you won’t entertain customers?

I like the shop but I un-followed after that. No point seeing her ads on my feeds when she’s discriminating against certain customers. I won’t mention the business name but it is similar to Fine Jewelry PH’s Instagram name. So much you’d think both shops were owned by the same person. But they ain’t, thankfully.

Not meaning to rant but I’ve experienced this more than once. There were bag sellers who do the same too. The thing is, products like designer bags and jewelry aren’t cheap. There is always the risk that you’d get a fake or worse, someone actually running away with your money.

I don’t pay in full because I’m concerned about security, to be honest. I do it because I have a lot of wants and I tend to want them all at the same time.  Paying in increments, to me, is not only a safe way of dealing online, it’s also a way for me to hold on to something that I want until I’m ready to get it. If that makes sense. Also, I work hard and I’ve had a great year, I deserve all the treats.

Fine Jewelry PH: Ordering Online

Glad I got that off my chest. Anyhoo! After being turned away by that jeweler, I pinged Via Alejandrino-De las Alas, the owner of Fine Jewelry PH and asked for the same thing. The good news was, she was not only nice, the price of the ring was actually same as the ring offered by the other shop.

In hindsight, I should’ve pinged Fine Jewelry PH first but I thought their products were more expensive than the other shop. Apparently, the prices were similar so that’s awesome.

Fine Jewelry PH is a Bulacan-based online store with a huge following on Facebook and Instagram. I connected with Ms. Via through Viber. After talking a bit about the ring, I asked Ms. Via if she accepts installment terms and she said yes right away. At that point, I was ready to wire the money and asked her to go ahead with the project.

I ordered the ring using my mobile phone so yes, the entire process was straightforward and easy. Ms. Via graciously answered all my questions right away and I never got the sense that I was being looked down for paying in increments. That was important to me because no one likes that shit.

To complete the order, I filled out an order form, sent the form via Viber and then made an initial payment. I wired the money within seconds via PayPal (love that she accepts PP payments, all Insta-sellers should) and that’s it.

I was supposed to get the ring in January because I paid in December (two gives, garnern) but I got too excited when she sent me a quick clip of the ring a few days later! I told you, Christmas puts me in a funky shopping mood. So to cut the story short, I paid as soon as I could and received my eternity ring before Christmas.

The Product

Now let’s talk about the product itself. You might find it weird that I ordered a ring similar to what I already have. But the spinning thing always bothered me. Also, my old ring deserves a little rest every now and then. I haven’t taken my wedding band/s off since I got married.

The ring was shipped via LBC (!) and I received the product a couple of days after paying for it. I was expecting delays because it’s the Christmas season and couriers all over the country are busy. I wasn’t even planning on getting the ring before Christmas but here we are. SO happy that I got my little Christmas treat so early!

The parcel was bubble-wrapped. The product itself was housed in a beautiful red box, which looks better than the box my engagement ring came in, lol.

The ring was crafted in 14k white gold and the setting is similar to that of my wedding band. I believe this is called the fishtail setting. The stones were a combination of lab sapphires and natural diamonds. The ring looked well-made, the stones felt secure and are so sparkly!

To compare, here’s what my old and new eternity rings look like side by side. The bottom is the older ring.  Here’s how my new ring looks like when paired with my engagement ring:

They look so nice together no? I noticed that the stones used were smaller compared to my old ring. That’s fine because the new ring is much more affordable. It’s a dainty little thang, that’s what it is.

Here’s what the ring looks like when paired with a solitaire ring in yellow gold. I’m not too crazy about the contrasting colors but they sure look good together!

Final Thoughts

Buying anything online is tricky. It means opening yourself up to the possibility of being scammed, receiving shitty products, or experiencing the worst customer service ever. I’ve been there. But it’s nice to know that there are legitimate businesses on Instagram too!

Fine Jewelry PH is a trusted jewelry vendor, it’s the real deal guys! The prices were reasonable, I loved the variety and the craftsmanship. The seller, Ms. Via, was also nice and helpful. Highly recommended! I love my ring so much, I’m already planning my next order.

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