Facemask Sundays: It's My New Thing

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So, I have been on a skin care kick after I started the first of what I would later call my “Facemask Sundays” (formerly known as Mudpack Sundays). Basically, I spend at least an hour every Sunday doing what most women who reached an advanced age would do, try to hold on to what little youth left on their skin, hahahaha!


Wait, youth! Come back!!!

Yeah, it all started when I saw my first wrinkle. It was the slight crinkle at the corner of my eyes when I try to widen my smile. I want to say I’m cool with aging and all and with my birthday just days away, but I’m not cool with wrinkles on my face at all. I don’t care what Meryl Streep said about us earning these wrinkles, blah blah. I don’t want it on my face.

It was a grim realization, I haven’t been caring for my skin enough and with my first wrinkle, I’m not taking this sitting down. Nope, nope. So I started my once-a-week skin regimen that starts with a 60 second Clarisonic exfoliation (full blast, not the low one which I use for everyday) and then slapping on a facemask followed by a smattering of face oil (which, by the way, did amazing things to my skin!) right after.

argan oil

This explains why on my instagram page is littered with facemasks lately. Now, I hoarded several facemasks from Watsons and The Face Shop. I also have a couple tubs of The Body Shop mudpacks but I reserve those when I’m breaking out (my skin is on its best behavior so far). I had loads that I didn’t bother taking pictures and I have to say, the ones from The Face Shop is really rocking my boat so hard right now.


This red ginseng one is so, so, so good. I’m not even exaggerating. Usually, my skin feels soft for half a day after I do one of my Facemask Sunday thing. But this right here, my skin was awesome for two freakin’ days. I know cuz I counted. Too bad they don’t have tubs of this thing and just individually wrapped masks because I would totally buy a couple.

facemask ginseng

Sorta felt a tiny twinge of regret that I didn’t buy their kiwi and apple face masks (in tubs) because I wasn’t sure how good the masks were since it was my first time testing out their skin care line. I also heard LUSH has loads of great facemasks but they go bad after two weeks. And I only do the facemask thing once a week. But who knows? I’m flexible.

Anyway, enough with the melodramz. My birthday in less than a week and I am quite unsure how I feel about it. But despite my reservations, I’m still celebrating by buying new shoes plus maybe eat and get fat then buy more things XD

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