Education or Experience: Which Counts The Most in Your Chosen Career?

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Traditionally, most companies tend to give education more value than experience. After all, a great educational background does look good on paper. However, as the job market becomes more competitive, some companies are slowly changing the way they assess a would-be employees qualifications for certain roles.

As a job-hunter, there is no real answer as to which is more important. Inevitably, it will depend on three things, the industry, the role and the individual himself. As a student, we were often taught that education is the key to better jobs. But certain tasks demands experience and specific skill set, hence, it’s not unusual for a number of companies to hire people who have specific experience that call for the job.

Education is defined as earning a tertiary study or a university degree. When fresh graduates lack the experience, they make up for good education and this is where education has its benefits. Why? Because it shows that you have deep understanding of specific areas of the job through your studies. It also shows that you have the capacity to dedicate yourself or apply yourself, which relates to being able to complete tasks in an office setting. Assuming that you earned your degree, it shows you have great understanding of your subjects, something that potential employers always value.

Certain professions do require a degree. These professions include white collar roles like doctors, lawyers, accountant, architects and economists.

On the other hand, there are a great number of jobs that do require extensive experience, but then, again, this will depend on the industry or the role you chose to take part in. These roles do not require certifications, accreditations, or degrees. Rather, they require training and development. For example, the IT or BPO industry is full of roles that base qualifications on experience.

There are many debates regarding which holds more value in an industry.But there is no clear answer to this because the job market is always evolving, always changing. As a would-be employee, it’s important to evolve yourself in order to remain competitive in your field of expertise.  It’s best to always keep an eye on the industry you are in and observe which direction it is taking.

To increase the chances of bagging the job you want, you will need to get a blend of both at some point in your career.  You can build a solid career if you complete a degree, gain experience as part of the work force and then work your way up to the corporate ladder. Additionally, it always pays to have a positive attitude, a strong work ethic and a higher level of professionalism to become an exceptional employee.

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