Drowning in F-U-N

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Yesterday, I attended the christening if my second godchild, Alfred James or AJ. It was great because the whole shebang was a christening, a pool party and a birthday bash rolled into one. With my brother and his nanny in tow, we went straight to the pool area after the service. No one was more excited with the prospect of basking in the cold chlorinated water more than my brother as it was his first time to swim in a pool. It was no mean feat convincing my mom to allow my brother to don the suit and skidaddle to the water. My worry wart mom doesn’t like the odds of my brother accidentally wandering off to deep water and possibly drowning but I somehow convinced her. To make the long story short, Waki almost drowned right under my very nose.

Wait… I can explain everything.

It was a minor accident, really. A minor accident that will forever burn in my mind.   There we were, just chillin’ (by chillin’ I meant me taking video clips while his nanny laughed her ass off) while my bro happily laughed and splashed around the side of the pool when suddenly, he saw a beach ball and decided that he must have it. Like, NAO. So there,  he chased the damned thing, slipped head first into the water, bobbled around for several seconds because he couldn’t regain his footing. Thankfully, an older boy was able to rush to his aid, grabbed him by the hair and guided my then-gasping and sputtering brother out of the pool while we stood, rooted on our spot, in stunned silence.

The scene was so harrowing, just thinking about it makes my blood run cold.

It was brief, yes. But for one shining moment there, I was arrested with the fact that the smallest of mistakes can result in things going completely batshit coco bananas  if one is not careful enough.

I let my guard down for a fucking second and things almost went KA-BOOM! all over my fucking face. The possibilities are unnerving. I was glad he was okay.

Call me sick but the funny part was, some of the incident was caught on record. Like I said, I was taking video clips of him fooling around in the water. Of course now, we are able to laugh about it but man. Never again.

On a more cheerful note, there were parlor games after the pool party and I won the first contest. Now, now. One might say, hey, how come you were included in the parlor game when the whole thing was for kids? Well, some of the kids were too shy to gather up and play games so the clowns made do with grown-ups.

It was no contest, really. I won just like God intended, bwahahahhaha!

Embarassingly enough, homegirl won, beyotches!

Personally, I’m not so much into making a spectacle of myself in public but I had no choice. I don’t want anyone thinking I’m a snotty brat or something. It was fun, really. Embarassing, yes, but then again, the thought of  all the hungry children in Mindanao really motivated me to do my best in shooting that ball into a plastic cup (the mechanics of the game is too complicated, not to mention, too boring, to write about). Hahahah, I jest, I jest.

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