Dressing For Success: Choosing Cufflinks That Suit Your Style

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Traditionally, cufflinks are worn with semi-formal and formal attire. Cufflink designs will vary according to the type of dress shirts you choose to wear it with. Additionally, cufflinks should reflect the personality of the wearer. In terms of quality, the option is just as endless. Designer cufflinks can be made out of silver, gold and platinum and decked with precious stones like diamonds, emeralds or rubies. Modest ones are crafted with copper, Chrome, stainless steel or silver-plated rhodium and fitted with crystals, Mother-of-Pearl, enamel or even semi-precious stones.

Metal cufflinks are typically made with chrome or stainless steel. Polished to a high shine, these cufflinks may either come in classic designs, engraved or customized style. Metal cufflinks are best worn during semi-formal and formal gathering.

Novelty cufflinks, on the other hand, are best worn during casual and semi-formal events. Unlike classic cufflinks that feature traditional designs, novelty cufflinks come in a wide range of design, mostly inspired by iconic characters.

Choosing Cufflinks Based On Your Personality

We know how fashion is a form of self-expression and when it comes to dressing up, your own personal style has to show through. The same thing goes to the kind of cufflinks you wear. For instance, guys who are into understated fashion are likely to choose cufflinks in classic designs like square or knot cufflinks in subtle colors. These types of cufflinks features minimalistic designs, clean lines and understated elegance that fit the wearer’s fashion sense.

On the other hand, men who love the flash often choose equally flashy cufflinks, particularly those that are made with gold or platinum, adorned with dazzling stones or bold colors and crafted in ornate designs. Flashy cufflinks are often worn to make an impact on people. These types of cufflinks are all about drawing people’s attention to the wearer.

Novelty cufflinks are similar to flashy cufflinks but are often worn by people who are passionate about specific things, perhaps, by iconic people, legendary movies that shaped a generation or pop culture personalities. Novelty cufflinks are often design-driven and come in widely recognized styles.

Choosing Cufflinks Based On The Occasion

When it comes to dressing according to the occasion, formal wear should include cufflinks, preferably in classic or traditional designs. For instance, black-tie events, business meetings or even for an interview, dress shirts look best when finished off with classic square cufflinks. On the other hand, semi-formal events, novelty cufflinks or classic cufflinks should work great.

If you are unsure about the type of cufflinks that fits the occasion, silver cufflinks is the safest choice. Its versatile design and subtle shimmer will look fantastic in either formal, semi-formal and even casual events.

Dressing for success requires great accessories pulled together with the right attitude. When you show up in style, you leave a good impression on people. This is particularly important if you are meeting with the boss or is dressing up for a job interview. So it pays to know how to choose the right cufflinks that not only suits your style but also fits the occasion

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