Dreaming of The Perfect Cross Body Bag!

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I’ve always been partial to roomy totes but lately, I’ve been thinking about getting a small sling bag. You know, just to add flexibility to my collection. I need a small bag that I could use when I’ve pared down my essentials. Here are my top picks:

Alma BB

Oh Alma BB, my forever crush! I fell out of love with this bag last year (picked the Nightingale over it) and now right back this year, it’s a vicious cycle. I want to get this in Damier Ebene print because it’s so carefree and rain-proof.

Photo Credit: pinterest.com

I love how casual yet luxe it looks, Alma’s iconic shape will never go out of style. It’s quite roomy for a small bag too. I could fit more than my essentials in there. I must say, I’m thinking really hard about acquiring this bag just to complete my classic LV collection.

The only thing that’s stopping me from getting the Alma is that I want to diversify my collection. That, and the all-too-familiar print that goes against my now-minimalistic sensibilities.

Celine Trio

The design of the Celine trio is hardly exciting but since I’m really into minimalist aesthetics at the moment, I’m digging this bag. The trio is a zippered crossbody bag comprised of three slim pouches that click together on the sides.

Photo Credit: pinterest.com

It’s such a cool bag because you’re getting 3 bags for the price of one. You can use just one as a clutch or two/three pouches at the same time, so versatile. The only thing I’m not too crazy about is that the bag tends to lose its shape when it’s full. It only looks good when the pouches are nice and flat.

Gucci Soho Disco Bag

Gucci seems to be everywhere these days and the brand is killing it in the designer bag arena. The Dionysus seems to be the most popular of Gucci’s newest designs but I’m partial to the disco bag in black leather:

Photo Credit: pinterest.com

Yes, it’s a trendy style but the shape is a classic. I think the Disco bag is here to stay.

Chloe Marcie

The design of this bag is a little too boho for my taste but I do love the look and shape of the Marcie. The range of sizes is really nice as well! Still not sold on the flat design entirely but it does look nice against an all-black ensemble, no?

Photo Credit: pinterest.com

This looks great in brown, not in black though and that’s my issue. I have a brown leather bag and I cannot stand the jean stain. Worse, I don’t know how to remove the stain so this isn’t an ideal color for me.

Prada Double Zip Crossbody Bag

In the pic, the bag comes in saffiano leather but a newer, larger version of the bag comes in pebbled leather, which is what I prefer. The Prada double zip top crossbody bag is similar to Gucci’s Soho but I think it’s roomier, more versatile.

Photo Credit: Net-a-Porter.com

I would choose this over the Soho if not for the fact that 1) this is more expensive than the Soho I think and 2) Prada has the rep for making poor quality bags. Especially the saffiano kind, which is prone to cracking in places.

If you’re paying PhP50k for a bag this small, it better last through your great-granddaughter’s baby shower, you know? These are the kinds of bags that you hand down to your kids. This is actually the reason why I gave up on my dream bag, the Prada’s Saffiano Cuir tote. It’s hella expensive yet some are made in China. So no.

Prada’s pebbled leather is a different story I heard, so I’m not swearing off the brand completely.

Bonus Round: Gucci Marmont Mini Camera Bag

This is an honorable mention, the ubiquitous Gucci Marmont. Nothing wrong with liking something that’s seen everywhere, the Marmont is a contemporary classic.

Photo Credit: dadouchic.com

Love the retro GG hardware and the chain strap. The Chevron stripes and quilted soft leather are also gorgeous! That said, I’d probably pass on the Marmont since the price is a little steep for such a small bag.

Okay, maybe I’m a little biased here, the Alma BB costs about the same but the Alma is a classic. The design has been around since the 30s, it’s like owning a piece of (fashown!) history. The Marmont’s flap bag design is sorta new but sorta ripped off from Chanel’s iconic quilted flap bag so I’m unsure if I’d willingly plunk this amount of cash on this design. Still! It looks so stylish.

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