Don’t Flunk Your Interview: Practical Tips To Avoid Interview Mistakes

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Sometimes, no matter how much you prepare for an interview, one tends to fall short of the desired standards during a job interview because he or she failed to give the right answers to certain questions. While there’s certainly no fail-safe way to ace an interview, we’ve listed down some of the most common reasons why applicants fail their interviews and how to avoid the usual pitfalls that come when answering job interview questions:

Showing Up Unprepared

This happens when an interviewer asks the applicant key information relating to their own field of study and the applicant couldn’t come up with a straight answer. Unfortunately, a lot of applicants tend to come to an interview unprepared, with little to no knowledge about certain information related to their field of study as well as important details pertaining to the company they are applying at. When you don’t come to an interview prepared, you give the impression that you are not capable to deliver an excellent performance if you are selected for the job opening.

Poor Communication Skills

Let’s face it, a person who is articulate, one who can express himself or herself in the most concise manner possible, tend to bag the job opening simply because they communicate well. Being grammatically correct while expressing your own insights, and being confident as well as enthusiastic about answering questions tend to reflect the applicant’s own capabilities as a future employee.

Lack of Confidence

One of the most common reasons why job interviewees fail an interview is they lack the confidence to answer questions, often stumbling all over themselves because they are confused with the questions. An interviewer tends to check a person’s confidence by posing complementary questions and then gauging the confidence level and firmness in opinion from how the applicant answered the questions. A confident applicant gives off the vibe that he or she is willing to take bold steps in order to contribute to the company, if hired for the job. If you feel that you lack the confidence to answer questions, practicing in front of the mirrors during mock interviews helps minimize pre-interview jitters, improve one’s self confidence and communication skills.

Failing To Look Presentable

How you look tend to translate to how you feel. If you show up to an interview in shabby, wrinkly clothes, it gives the impression that you came to the interview unprepared or you have total disregard of how you present yourself to other people. Worst, if you come in clothes that are against the dress code, it gives the impression that you are arrogant, you can’t follow simple rules or you are unprofessional. You are going for great impression so dress the part. Ideally, choose a solid-colored long-sleeves shirt, paired with a nice pair of trousers and classic black shoes.

Attending job interviews is no doubt a nerve-wracking experience, particularly for applicants going through it for the first time. However, by following the dress code, being enthusiastic and confident does a world of good for many applicants. Just make sure to void the job interview no-no’s listed above and you should be all set for a successful interview.


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