Dealing with Postpartum Shit

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… no, I haven’t outgrown the habit of adding the word “shit” to plural things that I cannot name, hahaha!

As of writing this, I am 8 days post-partum. It’s been a great week, I’ve healed enough that I no longer need the pain meds (although I still take it to minimize the risk of muscle soreness), Rocky is such a good boy, he’s not as fussy as his big brother, and I am getting the rest I need because I have a lot of help.

Since I am still on a break and there’s not much to do, I can focus on all the changes that happened after this pregnancy. Mind you, even in the midst of the pandemic, I never stopped working (something I am so grateful for!) so this is the only time that I have for myself.


One of the things that I am currently dealing with now is the intense hyperpigmentation that I got on certain areas of my body, particularly the pits. TMI I know but it has to be said, my pits are so fucking dark right now, I have no idea what happened. Admittedly, my pits turned dark during my first pregnancy and it never really returned to its former fair color (I was pretty proud of my white kilikili back in the day) but this is something worse!

I think I mentioned this in my previous blog, that I resemble a dalmatian because there is no transition from my fair skin to my hyperpigmented skin right now. It’s baffling, honestly. I also noticed that my neck and nape got dark as well but not too dark to cause any alarm. I think the color should go back to normal within a few short weeks but I know my pits will remain dark from experience.

The short-term plan is to use whatever whitening products I could get my hands on to treat the affected areas. I am also planning on going the all-natural route and use calamansi to whiten my pits, something that I did back in the day. The future plan is to have these areas treated by a professional so my pits would look decent again.

I know I seem maarte about this but grabe guys, Batman could never.

Skin Tags

Some of the most common yet rarely talked about effects of pregnancy are skin tags. I was surprised as heck when I started getting skin tags all over my neck on my first pregnancy and was kinda expecting the same this time around.

On my second pregnancy, I didn’t develop a lot of skin tags all over the neck. But I got them in weird places, like the underboob. Thankfully, these are easily resolved. I’d just have these lasered off once I start heading out again.

Weight Gain and Weight Loss

I know I shouldn’t be obsessing about my weight so soon but hey, that’s part of it, I suppose. When I had Damien, I gained about 45 pounds and this time, I only gained 30 pounds so that’s a major improvement. Because I had my tubes cut, I was more motivated to lose the baby weight this time around, knowing that it will be my last.

As soon as we got back from the hospital, I went on a strict diet. Portions were cut, no snacking, and only Nesvita for dinner. Damien and Rocco are exclusively formula-fed so I don’t have to worry about eating more to achieve a steady supply.

So far, I lost 22 pounds of water weight so I am less than 10 pounds away from my pre-pregnancy weight. But since I was overweight when I got pregnant, I still have to lose more weight. It’s not like I’m pressuring myself to lose the baby weight in a few weeks but I wanted to feel like my old self again as soon as possible because it makes me feel like I’m still in control of this rapidly aging shell, if you get what I’m saying. So yeah, the diet is still happening and will continue to happen until I’ve healed enough to work out.

Baby Blues

Ah yes, the dreaded baby blues. I had these briefly when I had Damien. It lasted for a good couple of weeks and it sucked. The dreadful sadness came in the afternoons and honestly, that was the worst part of the entire “bringing new life into this world” bit.

8 days into it, I haven’t had any experience close to the blues I got with Damien. I mostly feel anxious these days because so many people are losing their jobs and I’m afraid that I might lose mine too. But God and the universe are good, I’m still getting by. I’m one of the lucky ones.

I try to maintain a positive mindset no matter how much fate tempts me to do otherwise. There are so many bad things going on all around and having a new baby is challenging enough as it is, I’d be damned if I let the negativity affect my fragile mental health.

My life isn’t perfect, there are hiccups but I am working through them and keeping it together. I wish everything goes back to normal, it’s been a challenging few months for everyone.

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