Davao Trip Part 1: Pearl Farm Resort You Are BEAUTIFUL!

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So I just got back from my week-long trip to Davao with the husband for our first wedding anniversary and boy, am I bummed it’s over! I’ve always known how beautiful Pearl Farm Resort was since I was a kid because I kept seeing pictures of it. But to see the views in person, the pictures just don’t do justice.

The skies were overcast when we arrived in Davao. As soon as we deplaned, we were whisked off to the resort in an elegant service car. We didn’t share the car with other guests, despite the fact that some of the peeps from our flight were also set to travel to the resort. It was all class and luxury as far as customer service was at Pearl Farl resort. We were floored by the fantastic customer service.

Resort Entrance: Amazing Views!

Just a few steps from the sandy shore is the iconic parola, a towering structure made from bamboo. The bar is located on the second floor of the parola while the lower floor is a lounge area. This is the place where we had our orientation. A staff member explained all the essential deets regarding the resort’s facilities, amenities, and other services.

Guests were greeted with kumintang, sort of like an ethnic gong. You can take pictures here, so nice!

The Samal houses, which were on the right side of the resort, are meant for couples and groups of 3s. We stayed at Samal House number 11. Such an exquisite room. You can see the Maranao restaurant in the image below, the food was amazeBOMB!

Also, the infinity pool is located a few steps from the parola. I wasn’t able to swim in the infinity pool, unfortunately! Most of the time, we were swimming in the beach! And that’s a good sign. It means the beach is awesome.

The Beach: Clearest Waters I’ve Ever Seen

The beach was hands down the best I’ve seen. The water is clear, the white sand so fine, and the marine life? Thriving! Even in shallow waters, you can see schools of fish!

Here’s the view that greeted me as soon as we arrived. Such glorious landscapes! Again, the pictures do not do justice. It was definitely one of the best resorts we’ve ever stayed in. The suites you’re seeing are mini villas of sorts, the Samal Suites. These two-storey structures are meant for families.

The picture above was taken on our first day. As soon as we checked out our room and got our stuff settled, we headed to the beach. We loved everything about the beach.

There was a slight drizzle on our first day but the rain wasn’t too bad. If anything, the overcast skies allowed us to enjoy the outdoors a little more. We didn’t burn at all!

Samal House: Home Away from Home!

So, we stayed at one of the Samal houses, which were perched on the high waters off to the right coast of the resort. Each Samal house has a veranda or a balcony where you can chill or watch the sunset. The view from our suite was unbelievable!

We were unable to maximize the views during the day because we are mostly spending time on the beach. But on rare occasions that we were in our room, we just stare into the ocean and marvel at its beauty.

The sweeping views of the clear Davaoan waters are enough to make a grown man cry, trust me. I just took everything in and loved every minute of our day spent on the beach!

The Maranao Restaurant, with its bamboo, yantok, and rattan furnishings, was a sight to behold. I love the jellyfish hanging lights! The restaurant was a good 3 to 4-minute walk from our room but we love the thick greeneries along the way.

The food was so good. We enjoyed the buffet’s selection, particularly the stewed meats and the fresh seafood. This awesome seafood platter has everything from grilled squid to clams. And it’s only PhP1,200. The serving is humungous!

The hubs and I ordered room service a couple of times. In the image above, we had 4 cheese pizza, grilled tuna belly, and gambas. The tuna belly is a must try!

Last Sunday, the resort held a cultural show, the place was packed with guests!

Guests also participated in a fun quiz, the questions were all related to the resort. The hubby won a prize! Unfortunately, we were not able to use the voucher because we had our own snorkel gears already.

The night of our anniversary, the hubs and I celebrated over drinks. I had the frozen daiquiri and tequila sunrise. The hubs had coke rum and lots of San Mig light.

One of the staff also surprised us with a sweet treat! The cake doesn’t look much but it was so, so good.

We also dropped by the bar for happy hour (4 to 6 PM). The hubs had several glasses of coke rum and bottles of local beer. I had a buko shake and a frozen daiquiri, so yummers!

On our third day, we sailed to the other island, which is part of Pearl Farm. This island has all the yayamanin (luxury) villas! The tiny island has several beach spots, we explored several of them and wasn’t all that impressed.

Don’t get me wrong, the landscapes were amazing. But there was a construction thing going so the seabed was a little murky. We didn’t see a lot of fishies here, which was a little sad. So yes, back to the main beach we went. As you can see, we made full use of the Tribord (now Subea) snorkel masks. Do they work? Like a charm! I will write a detailed review, so stay tuned!

We stayed at Pearl Farm resort for 4 days and spent another 3 days at Marco Polo in Davao City! Overall, what an experience. I cannot wait to visit Pearl Farm resort again.


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