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So a dear friend of mine returned to the country for a much needed vacation. She’s probably on her way back to Italy as I write this. Thanksfully, I got several pics as souvenir.

Of course, the days following this meeting were not without drama. I sort of felt sad and disappointed that she managed to see everyone we know except me. A fact that her boyfriend did not take well. I had issues with certain things I left a lot of things unsaid because just this once, I want to take the higher road. I hate to say this but her boyfriend was mostly responsible for this particular gathering (I was just about ready to give up, to be quite honest). I have mixed feelings over it, even now but as they say, all’s well that ends well. I don’t know about her but I consider her as one of my close friends and I was very excited to introduce her to the boyfriend. I think they got along famously. I can’t wait until Pakwan joins us next year, it’s gonna be epic!

Check out the boyfriend’s shrinking belly, jogging really did wonders for him, no?

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