How to Curate Your Newsfeed on LinkedIn

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With over 433 million users, LinkedIn is one of the most popular social networking sites for professionals and entrepreneurs. And if you are an active user, chances are, you have at least a hundred connections on LinkedIn.

The beauty of LinkedIn is that it makes content sharing and networking so easy. However, some may be frustrated with the level of digital noise on their newsfeeds. Organize your newsfeed and curate relevant information easily with these simple steps:

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Curating Content

We all have that one annoying contact that posts a large number of updates that we’re not interested in. If that individual is flooding your feeds, it is time to start hiding his or her post. You can do this two ways: remove a connection or hide the updates.

Remove Connection

To remove a connection, click the person’s name, select the drop-down arrow next to the “Endorse” button and click “Remove Connection.”

Hide Updates

To hide a connection’s updates without removing the contact as a connection, hover the cursor over one of the updates; click the “Hide” link that appears on the upper right of the update.

You’ll have to either remove connections or hide a contact’s updates several times until the unwanted updates are no longer showing on your news feed.

Organizing Companies to Follow

If you are following several companies, new updates will show up on your feeds every time. You have to organize the list of companies you are following to reduce the number of irrelevant updates on your news feeds. You can do that by heading to the LinkedIn homepage and hovering the cursor over your photo on the top right. Select “Privacy & Settings” then click the Groups, Companies & Applications tab on the lower left. Click the View Companies You’re Following link. Click all the companies you no longer want to follow.

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Manage Groups

Joining groups is an important part of marketing your business on LinkedIn. However, if you no longer want to see group updates on your newsfeeds, you can tidy up by clicking the “Privacy & Settings” section then choose “View Your Group”. From there, you will see a list of all groups you belong to, with the option to leave certain groups. Just click the Member bottom to leave the group.

Managing General Updates

You can choose what types of content you can see from your LinkedIn newsfeed by heading over to the LinkedIn homepage and selecting the “Privacy & Settings” section and clicking on the “Account” tab on the lower bottom left.

Choose “Customize the Updates” tab and start de-selecting all the areas you don’t want from the update tab. LinkedIn will apply the changes so updated for new connections, job opportunities, updates from shared connections or followed companies will no longer show up on your newsfeeds.

From the Hidden tab, you will see all the contacts you decided to hide from your newsfeed. You can always activate the updates from these contacts by clicking the “Show Updates” button.

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