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After three months of doing virtually nothing other being a royal pain in the butt, I finally felt it… the boredom, missing the familiar feel of actually doing something worthwhile here on God’s green Earth. Took me long enough. However, the path to infinite awesomeness is not without thorns. I’ve been meaning to start looking for a job again but somehow there nothing out there for me, it’s a bit frustrating, really.

I must do something fast. I feel that I’ve wasted enough time already. Procrastination is a really tough job and I might not be the girl who’s up for the job. I want to go out there again and start writing away because I feel that my only passion is starting to slip away together with my senses and I’m having none of that. I must leave before I get even dumber than I already am.

Since finding me a new job isn’t proving to be fruitful at all, I decided that in the mean time, I must start sweating away all the poundage I gained during my sabbatical. God, don’t even get me started on that. I’m so huge right now that people think I got knocked-up or something. Why can’t bums like me get a break? Seriously. I gained a lot during the holidays and unfortunately, I quickly adapted to the couch potato lifestyle right after I quit work so it’s not working great for my once “svelte” figure (FYI: The word svelte is one of the many inside jokes I have with a dear friend). So far I managed to starve myself enough to lose half an inch. Hopefully I could keep that up because my goal is around an inch. Yeah.

On a totally unrelated note, Vista is kicking my ass. I think I mentioned something about buying a new lappy last week. Well, with it came new technology, a new OS, to be precise. Fucking Windows Vista. Honestly, I feel tons more moronic than usual whenever I open the damn thing because every fucking command is like solving a damned Rubik’s cube. I’m not exactly a nut when it comes to techie/nerdy things but I sure as hell know my way around a computer and still, this stoopid operating system got me wringing my hair in utter frustration. Frankly I can’t feel my ass because I’ve been sitting so fucking long trying to figure out what the fucking hell is fucking wrong with this shit not being able to install CS3 Photoshop.

You know what? Fuck Bill Gates, Windows XP was excellent, why fix something that ain’t broken?

To make matters worse, I don’t think my crush crushes me also (insert sad face here) which is too bad considering that I don’t have much crushes these days. Awwww. That’s gotta hurt. Fat, jobless, broke, moronic and rejected all rolled into one. What a charmed life I live.

Can’t hardly wait for the fucking future.

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