Cool Find: Air-O-Matic by Airoma

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Note: Not a sponsored post I received a really cool gift from the boyf, an Air-o-matic by Airoma. It’s basically an air purifier, humidifier and aroma diffuser in one. Despite getting frequent migraines, I’m a massive aromatherapy fan. Photo 4-16-15, 8 09 48 PM Back when I was but a poor student, I poured most of my monies buying essential oils by The Body Shop. In fact, I collected almost all of their scents back in the day. I still have my collection even now! My favorite will always be the Moonflower. TBS discontinued both the essential oil and cologne, but I still have two bottles of the former.

I can’t count how many essential oil burners I had over the years! The problem with oil burners is you need tea candles to make them work. So it’s definitely a fire hazard. You can’t *really* relax when using an oil burner.

Also, you have to keep adding water or oil whenever the scent fades. So it was a pretty expensive habit that I never really outgrew. So knowing this, my boyfriend got me the bestest gift ever.

The Air-o-matic is better than any oil burner because there’s no heat and you don’t have to keep adding the essential oil. It uses water to disperse the scent and you can adjust how much oil you want to use each time. I got mine at an Airoma kiosk in Megamall. Photo 4-16-15, 8 10 02 PM The air-o-matic comes in different colors. I wanted to get the black one, but it was out of stock. Got the dark green instead. They also offer different scents. Since I am hopelessly allergic to my cat, I decided to get the Eucalyptus one.

Unfortunately, the sales rep misheard me and got me the BreathEasy essential oil instead. This one is a combination of Peppermint and Eucalyptus. It’s a good thing BreathEasy is specifically made for those with asthma and allergy so I’m okay with it. Photo 4-16-15, 8 11 33 PM The unit also comes with one free essential oil and for that I got Lavender Garden. Operating the unit is easy. You just fill it with the right volume of water, add the desired amount of essential oil and switch it on. The unit will disperse the scent for a good 30 minutes to an hour. Photo 4-16-15, 8 10 23 PM Because PH is in the middle of summer (El Nino, no less), I’m getting frequent allergy attacks thanks to my ever dependable cat. When the air is wetter, airborne irritants like dander or pollen are reduced. I can feel that the air-o-matic minimized the sniffles and helped me uh…decongest? Hahaha!

One thing that I noticed is that Lavender Garden’s scent lasts longer than BreathEasy. I will get another bottle sometime next week. I wanna get the Peppermint and Eucalyptus! I’m hoping Eucalyptus’ scent will last longer than BreathEasy. I’m getting all the mentholated scents because I can be quite sensitive to sweetish scents. I can only tolerate powdery or minty scents. Photo 4-16-15, 8 13 44 PM The small bottle costs PhP700 while the bigger ones cost PhP1,200. I got the bigger bottle and have no plans of getting the smaller bottles in the future because I feel the bigger bottles are more economical.

Overall, this is a great buy especially for gals like me who love coming home to a fabulously scented room. You know, when you step inside a spa and you get slapped with a heady scent of eucalyptus? If you love that sort of thing, give this one a try. One unit can improve the air quality of a 66-square meter room, the sales rep said 🙂

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