Colocation VS Personal Datacentre

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Colocation versus Own Datacentre

The unprecedented growth of digital data shows no sign of stopping and for companies with their own internal data centers, concerns over security, limited space and steep maintenance costs are on the rise as well. According to a report by Forrester, the big data trend is likely to continue for several years. This means managing an entire IT delivery ecosystem is bound to become even more expensive and extremely difficult to manage in the future. For small and mid-sized companies, having personal datacenters is deemed commercially impractical mainly because of the limited space and the expensive maintenance costs.

This is why more and more companies are turning to collocation as an excellent alternative to owning their own data centers. Colocation, which refers to a hosting option where servers and devices are stored in a professional datacenter, allows businesses to place their server machines to another party’s rack and take their bandwidth as their own. The collocation provider will maintain, troubleshoot and keep the data safe and secure for a fee.

Many business owners are not keen on moving their resources and data to an off-site collocation facility. This is understandable as important data and integral system should be kept under lock and key. That being said, collocation is a perfectly safe and hassle-free way to manage and grow your business. Consolidating, moving or expanding datacenters are an essential part of any IT infrastructure strategy and redundancy requirements as well as risk tolerance should be key factors to consider when determining whether to own or lease datacenters.

Perhaps one of the biggest benefits of collocation is getting higher bandwidth speed at a much cheaper price. Colocation may cost more than your average web hosting service but you are likely to get your money’s worth because of the higher bandwidth as well as achieving improved redundancy for network connections.

In terms of concerns over security, colocation facilities actually offer better outage protection. There’s no need to fear for data loss or security being compromised even at the midst of power outages because typical collocation providers have their own backup power generators. What’s more, most collocation facilities offer 24/7 support so business owners have peace of mind knowing their integral systems are in safe hands.

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