… So I Chopped My Locks Short Again

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After my last pregnancy, my hair starting falling in clumps. I have super-mega-thick tresses so the hair fall didn’t really bother me a bit. What bothered me was the texture of my hair. It became brittle, coarse… and curly?

Here’s the thing, I had wavy hair back in the day but never curly. I had no idea what happened, not sure if it’s the hormones or some body changes that I know nothing about. But yeah, after Rocky, my hair got curly – not tight curls naman, loose curls.

Anyhoo, I always wear my hair in a ponytail and it’s been that way for the past two-ish years because I am so busy that I’ve no time to spare for hair treatments. Until yesterday when I finally had time to cut a good five inches of my locks. I’ve preferred wearing my hair short for a long, long time and I couldn’t do it now because of my big monay face.

But I finally did it!

My hair is a bob, which is kinda similar to my 90s hairstyle, hahaha! This used to be all the rage, my ladies know!

The plan is to have my hair treated so it stays pin-straight and manageable. It’ll take three hours, which is better than the 5 hours I’ve endured after I had Damien!

Just to make myself show up to the dang appointment, I told the hairstylist to cut my hair as short as my round ass face allows. I know I’d be too self-conscious enough to sit through the three hours of X-tenso treatment, hahahaha!

So yeah, that’s about it! I’ll be updating this post with my new hair tomorrow. And just in case you’re wondering if my babies are cute, the short answer is yes.

And there you go, a day in the life of Tina Almie. I’m actually excited/dreading tomorrow because I have to clear my schedule for my salon appointment, is that weird? I’m no longer used to being away from the house, even if it’s just for a couple of hours! Pandemic and motherhood, yeah.

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