Bag Talk: Mystic or GV3?

Let's ignore the apocalyptic crap for a moment and talk about bags, shall we? I will definitely be abstaining from getting a designer bag this year because, hello, baby number 2, but! I can't seem to get Givenchy bags off my mind, specifically the GV3 and the Mystic bag. Mystic GV3 When … Continue reading

The Next Bag on My List

Oh hey! Let's talk about bags, shall we? I have tons of products to review, I swear but I am so busy all the time, I barely have time for myself. That's parenthood for ya. Anyhoo, I promised myself that my bag collection will be as diverse as possible. My aim was to get a timeless classic from … Continue reading

Reveal and Review: YSL Toy Lou Lou

This came out of nowhere, right? I swore that I won't get a new bag this year and has stuck to that promise until last week when I saw a good deal and went for it. The timing couldn't be more inconvenient, but I lusted over this bag for months, so my resolve weakened just a tiny bit. I finally … Continue reading