Caramoan Getaway 2: Of Beach-Hopping, Going on a Picnic and Chilling in the Spa

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This post is a continuation of my Caramoan getaway series ūüôā Caramoan is known for its virgin white beaches, dramatic landscapes, and breathtaking coves so it was not surprising that the resort offers a variety of activities to choose from. During our stay, we planned an island hopping activity, a picnic near the lighthouse, bonfire by the beach, a boodle-fight, and a massage¬†at the Tugawe Cove resort spa.

Picnic at the Lighthouse

All the activities were arranged by our butler, Gerald. I think that’s how they do it in the resort. One of the first activity we tried was the picnic near the lighthouse. I never went on a picnic before so you can imagine my excitement! Gerald arranged the snacks, pillows, etc. We rode the resort’s golf cart to reach the hilly area where the lighthouse was. The ride was a good 5 to 10 minutes long.

While we took in the views, Gerald was busy setting up the picnic. There were a lot of kids waiting at the lighthouse hoping for a buck, so don’t be surprised if you have a lot of uh, visitors. This can’t be helped because the lighthouse is just a stone’s throw away from the nearest baranggay.

The kids weren’t rude or anything but they won’t leave even when two adults tried to herd them. Gerald was kind enough to take a couple of pictures. I wish the skies were clearer for the shot but hey, check out the view.

Not sure what sorcery Gerald did to make the kids go away (there were at least 10 kids) for this gem, but I appreciate the effort:

The picnic is inclusive of snacks and drinks, of course. Don’t expect anything heavy for PhP350+++. We had a sandwich and juice. I gave my sandwich to one of the kids so the husband and I shared his sammich. I know having a picnic is not a big deal for most people but for a recluse like yours truly, this is an experience.

Beach Hopping in Caramoan

Unfortunately, the weather was not cooperating so we had to settle for a beach-hopping activity instead of an island-hopping sojourn. It’s all good because the sights were amazing just the same! We visited 4 different beaches, all of which are a part of the resort. How about that.

I cannot remember the names of the first three beaches but the last one was burned in my memory because it’s a funny name: Inaswang beach, hahahaha! I was like, “Kuya bakit¬†sya inaswang?” and my husband said, “isla¬†ng mga¬†babaero”, or to that effect, it was hilarious.

Inaswang¬†is a slang term used to describe those who poach other people’s spouses. Its root word is “aswang”, which is a liver-eating mythical creature. That means whoever stole someone’s husband is the aswang in question. Savagery, pure savagery.

Anyway, I took several pics of the beaches, including the stunning rock formations and limestone cliffs you’re seeing above! Cool huh? This short clip is even better:

I loved all the beaches but the first one and the last one were my favorites. The waters were so pristine, guys! At some point during the tour, we had the whole island to ourselves. It was pure magic!

We ate lunch at one of the beaches we visited. As usual, Gerald was busy doing something. He prepared this lovely spread while we were frolicking in the waters:

We had (and I’m only recalling all the dishes so bear with me) pork afritada (although that’s not the dish’s local name), squid ala pobre, chop suey, pork adobo of sorts, and lotsa rice.

For dessert, we had the sweetest orange slices. Not a huge fan of oranges but the ones that Gerald served were so good! A great finish to an awesome meal.

Tugawe Cove Resort Massage

We were so tired after we went beach hopping so we requested for a full-body massage. Shortly after taking a nap, we were told that the spa is ready and we headed to another room below our room. The spa doesn’t really look like one. There’s no music but there are two massage beds and a bathroom. It looks as if they converted one of the rooms into a spa.

It’s not that bad although I wish the management made more effort adding the usual stuff you see in a spa. A couple of water features, scented candles, flower petals, all that stuff. But at PhP 600+ for a 1-hour whole body massage, it’s not bad at all.

Other Activities

We were unable to book a boodle fight because this deal is only reserved for big groups. As for the bonfire by the beach, we couldn’t book the activity because the weather is too windy even at night. We were disappointed but we understood why we had to cancel these activities, would’ve been fun to try them though!

Overall, we were so amazed by the sights and if given the chance, we’d go back in a heartbeat! We loved Tugawe Cove resort and its many activities especially the picnic and the beach hopping! Maybe next time (when the weather’s cooperating) we could try the island hopping!

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