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I was on a roll two weeks ago, bought me a great number of makeup brushes from The Body Shop and Real Techniques, the latter I ordered from Stuff in Style!


So the first batch of brushes, I got from The Body Shop. I wasn’t really planning on getting these brushes but since TBS is celebrating their 17th year with a month-long sale, I just couldn’t resist grabbing these babies while I shop for a Mother’s Day gift. I got the Blender Brush, the Kabuki brush and the Blush Brush. All are fabulous, particularly the Blush Brush which is the softest makeup brush I ever came across with! It’s super kitten paw soft! I’ve always been a fan of TBS brushes because I got one that lasted me for six years and I still use it today! It’s def worth the money and I recommend their bigger brushes (Powder brush, blush brush, Kabuki brush, retractable brush).

I was mondo, mondo excited about the Real Techniques brushes because I waited a while before I finally decided to get them. Why? First, they’re not available locally, you need to order them online (I highly recommend Stuff in Style!) and second, the brushes comes in sets and there’s a couple of brushes in the Starter Set that I don’t need.


That said, I’m extremely glad I finally got a-hold of these coveted brushes because they are so good. As in so, so good! I fell in love with the base shadow brush (second one in the pic) and the deluxe crease brush (first brush in the pic). My favorite is the base shadow brush because it allows me to pack on the colors and then blend ’em flawlessly!

Also, another favorite is the Expert Face brush, which I got specifically for the wedding I attended last week. I volunteered to do my own makeup and I wanted to use liquid foundation but since I rarely use liquid foundation (I prefer powder foundation), I never bought a foundation brush before. I got this because it’s a cult favorite among all RT brushes and now I know why!

The Expert Face brush has very short and firm bristles that spreads the product on the face evenly. With just a few strokes, I am able to achieve the result I wanted without any streaking! This brush is a bit smaller than your average foundation brush but I guarantee you, this is an advantage because the small head allows it to reach every inch of your face. It’s such an ingenious brush and I love it to bits!

So far, I got all the RT brushes I’ve been eyeing but next on my list is the Core Collection, the Blush Brush and the Shading Brush. Hopefully, these brushes will be available locally by the time I need to buy them na, hahahah!

Tina Lee

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