Breaking Out

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My skin, that is. A couple of blogs ago, I said I am going to give the Nivea Smoothy cream a try. Which I did and have for two weeks or so. Unfortunately, testing came at a time when I’m having one of those nasty hormonal thing going on my skin and I’m afraid the cream really aggravated things. Behold, my huge zits.


I took these pics when the zits are drying down and my skin’s a hell lot calmer. I am lucky enough to have great skin and it’s very rare for me to break out, especially like this. Huge cystic pimples! Yegads.


Naturally, I had to stop everything I’m applying on my skin and find out what’s causing these pimples. I thought it might be the smoothy cream because it’s the only new thing I’m slathering on my face so unfortunately, I had to stop using it. So sad.

I still stand by what I said, my skin has never been softer since I started using the smoothy cream but the reaction I got, considering that this is made for babies, was something I didn’t expect totally. So these days, I’m just dealing with the scars and brightening my complexion. I started using my old Snoe whitening soap again to lighten the scars as well as my whole face. My recent trip to Palawan darkened my skin so nothing in my kikay kit matches my skin tone! Then I scrub the area every other day just to slough off the dead skin cells and lighter skin will peek through faster. Finally, I’m planning on finally getting a higher end night cream though. Let’s face it, I’m no spring chicken, I need all the help I could get, hahahaha!

Initially, I was planning to get a night cream from Clinique, the Moisture Surge one but after I did a little digging, I came across a great contender, the Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate. Now, it’s an oil-based elixir so naturally, that’s a concern for me. My already ravaged skin cannot take more irritants at this point. But I read loads of reviews from MUA and even folks with acne-ridden skin are singing praises about Kiehl’s MRC so I’m willing to give it a try.

MRCI’m actually testing the stuff now. My sister has one lying around and I’ve been using it for almost a week now. So far, things are great. If things go well, I will buy the regular bottle and give a review.

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