Borealis Crystals: My Experience Ordering from an Online Seller

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Remember the post I wrote about push gifts? Well, I tapped an indie jeweler to make several rings for me. The rings will be a gift from the husband to commemorate Damien’s birthday.

Now, I know several online jewelers and was lucky that I got to work with a couple of trusted, talented artisans. But since it’s the holiday season, orders were pouring in and they could no longer accommodate more. Damien will come sometime in November and December so I decided to have this project done by a new-to-me seller. You can read all about it here. I chose Borealis Crystals because they posted a beautiful pair of rings in the exact design that I wanted, just as I was looking for a jeweler! That was a serendipitous experience right there, guys.

Borealis Crystals is an online jewelry store owned by a husband and wife team, Jared and Cza. It’s a proudly PWD-run store that specializes in handcrafted, made-to-order gemstone jewelry.

Borealis Crystals: Ordering Online

Ordering online was done via Instagram as per usual. Guys, since getting married, getting pregnant, etc., I discovered a shitload of amazing sellers on Instagram. The platform really made online shopping so easy for me. However, you gotta be careful especially if you are buying pieces of fine jewelry. Always work with trusted sellers.

Initially, I inquired about the rings that they posted. I asked if they do solid gold rings since I was told that those were plated silver. Cza said yes, they do the rings in solid gold also. That’s when I explained that I am looking for the same design for a push gift. I basically went on a long, winding monologue about needing three rings, etc. and being unable to commit to having the set made since Damy isn’t here yet out of curiosity, I wanted to see the quality of their work… and so on. That’s when I ordered one ring made with my birthstone, which is an aquamarine.

The process was pretty standard, I asked for an order form. Cza was kind enough to show me the store’s guidelines as I filled up the order form. Apart from providing my contact details, I also outlined the important features of the ring, the size, the gold grade, the setting, the size of the gem and so on. She asked for the setting design, treatment of the precious metal, etc. Once all of these items were settled, Cza informed me that the lead time is 3 weeks. I made an initial payment (50% of the total cost) and that’s it.

Since I was in the midst of decorating the nursery, I didn’t ask Cza for updates and she didn’t give any. I heard back from her two weeks later, informing me that the ring has been completed. That was a pleasant surprise, the ring came a week early. She also showed me a quick video of the final product. I settled my balance and received the ring, like, three days later. It was such an easy breezy transaction. Overall, Cza was so easy to talk to and she seems like a really cool person. The ordering process was smooth and fuss-free.

Getting the Ring

What I like most about Borealis Crystals is that they’ll send you a picture of the proof of shipping. Back in the day, this was a standard practice. These days, however, most of the online sellers I’ve dealt with, they don’t send out the proof of shipping anymore. You’ll have to ask for updates and even then, they won’t provide the proof of shipping so you just wait and assume that the package was delivered.

After excitedly peeling off the bubble-wrapping, the ring came in this tiny sinamay baggy. The baggy was secured with a ribbon and the tag comes with a handwritten note, which I thought was such a sweet gesture:

So, I literally laughed out loud when I opened the sinamay baggy because inside, there were two freaking flat tops chocs. If you know me, you know that I have a bit of an obsession with flat tops. My husband used to buy me a couple of bags of these as pasalubong from work (he was still the boyf then) and I would go through a bag in one sitting. It’s unhealthy, yes, but dude, flat tops were my jam since the 90s. These little touches, I love them. Certainly a first for me.

Okay, going back to the ring, above is the entire contents of the litol sinamay baggy. The ring came in a tiny, clear, acrylic case. Et voila, here’s the ring:

I thought they did such a great job with the ring. The bezel is quite neat and even as you can see. It’s basically the reason why the shop caught my eye in the first place. The thickness of the band isn’t too thin, it’s just right. The ring isn’t as hefty because it’s a dainty ring although it doesn’t feel cheap either.

The gemstone is clear and sparkly. I hate my birthstone BTW. I feel that it’s such a simple stone compared to, say, a diamond or a sapphire and it dulls so quickly too but it does look pretty when paired with gold, as you can see!

Here’s how the ring looks when worn. I feel that Borealis Crystals’ sizing was accurate. Some jewelers, the sizing isn’t accurate. My fingers grew from a 5.5 to a 7 guys, none of my rings fit these sausage fingers anymore. This ring is a size 7 because I was planning to wear this in my middle finger. Hopefully, once the pregnancy ends, my ring size will be back to normal and I can go back to enjoying my ring collection in peace. Overall, the quality of the ring was great! I feel that the price point is just right, the ring itself seems durable, the gem that they picked was so fine.

If there’s one thing that I’m not too happy about, it’s the size of the gemstone. I did say it was me who chose the size of the gemstone (supposed to be 2 carats) but it looks smaller. I’m thinking about getting a bigger stone and having that set into the ring once I’m ready to order the two other rings.

Final Thoughts

I’m quite happy with the ring I got from Borealis Crystals. I have plans of having the rest of the set done by them. I love the reasonable price points, the handpicked gems, and the level of commitment the owners have when it comes to making these beautiful pieces of jewelry. Cza and Jared were easy to work with, the lead time is pretty good, and the quality of the product is terrific. I wish the size of the gem was bigger but overall highly recommended.

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