Bit Off More Than I Could Chew, Just To Name a Few

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Woke up really thankful and grateful today. I don’t get why since it’s a Monday and tons of work has to be done, hahaha! I’ve been busier than usual for the past two weeks developing a project that in the end, didn’t really come out as great as I hoped. But I learned a hecklot from it too.

One thing I learned from that experience is that I should’t bite off more than I could chew, know what I’m saying? I also learned that I should be grateful for everything that I have. You know how it’s inherent in all people to want more despite having everything. Not that I have everything but I got a lot, so no reason to feel like I should get more.

I also learned that my boyfriend always gives sound advice. It’s nice when you have a supportive beau who not only loves you unconditionally, but also calls you out on your shit when needed while handing out a bar of chocolates to gnaw on. I know it’s cheesy so I’ll stop right there! Hahaha!


Anyway, weekend was fabulous. We had a small BBQ and he invited his guy friends for drinks as a post-birthday celebration. I must be getting old because I was out like a light by midnight while the boys continued drinking. The boy was busy entertaining guests and manning the Q with his other friend, while I was busy munching all the meat, hahahaha! I haven’t been really out that much so I was really glad to get out there and trade banters with his boys 🙂

I’m headed back to the province again this Friday in preparation for the Holy Week. Gosh, this year is whizzing past me at lightning speed ha. Can’t believe the first quarter of the year is almost over! Personally, I judge what the rest of my year will be from the first three months of the new year and so far, things are coming up roses! So not to count my chicks before they hatch but I have a feeling, the rest of the year will be equally awesome. Life is good and I’m happy and super thankful. Thanks papa Jesus!


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