Benefits of Cat Scratching Post For Pet Lovers

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Cats, even as kittens, have inherent need to scratch something. This behavior is not meant to be destructive at all, it’s a way of our feline friends to sharpen their claws, mark their territories as well as clean their claws. Domestic cats and feral cats share the same instinct to scratch trees and this isn’t a behavior we can simply shoo away. Unfortunately, most pet lovers have no choice but to content with destroyed furniture, carpet or wallpaper from all the scratching.

A scratching post is the most effective solution against unwanted scratching. You can turn a small area of your home into a complete kitty activity center to save yourself tons of money on furniture repairs. A cat scratching post provides hours of fun and stimulation for your pet so you don’t need to worry about that expensive couch taking the brunt of your beloved cat’s scratching!

Cat Scratching Post Benefits

A scratching post is more than just a toy for your pet, it helps sharpen your cat’s claws, remove worn out claws, mark its territory as well as deliver essential stimulation to prevent the cat from drawing its energy on home furnishing.

Building an Activity Center For Your Cat

Cat scratching posts come in a wide range of designs. Some scratching posts are standalone posts wrapped in dried sisal fiber while other scratching posts are a part of an extensive cat condos. Whichever type of scratching post you need, all these types of scratching posts encourage the natural scratching behavior of your pet.

Ideally, you want a scratching post made from tough sisal and are treated with catnip. You can dedicate a special place in your home and turn it into an activity center for your cat. This way, your cat will exhaust its energy, which is often regarded as destructive behavior by pet owners, into to its own play center, instead of expensive home furnishings.

The location of the scratching post, or the entire activity center for that matter, should be in the room where you and your cat spend a lot of time together. You can also place the scratching post near places your cat loves to scratch, like near the sofa or curtains.

When choosing a cat scratching post, consider the height and the diameter of the post. The cat scratching post should be tall enough to keep your cat in shape and secure enough so your feline friend doesn’t topple over it. Heavy or big cats need larger post and smaller kitties should have smaller scratching posts.

Nothing feels as relaxing or entertaining as seeing your cat play around his scratching post! Seeing your beloved cat having the time of its life in its own activity center is a downright fulfilling experience for all pet owners.

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