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I’ll be interrupting today’s sunshiny content  to bring you this shit. Why? Because an old issue refuses to die. Stealing is not cool, guys.

Proof 1: Check the dates:

Proof 2: Check the dates

I usually don’t bring my work into my blog but at some point, you gotta stop people from taking advantage of you, especially if it involves your intellectual property.

Steve Hammond or Steven J. Hammond, the thieving owner of (his LinkedIn profile here, stole my stuff, stiffed me and published my work under a different author. Pretended to be so busy he didn’t have time to respond to any of my emails, refused to fork over the 30 grand he owes me and disappeared from the face of the earth.

I’m warning other freelancers out there, avoid this person like a plague. Avoid his cheap products too if you’re in the UK unless you like buying stuff from thieving jerks.

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